DLWP staff

De La Warr Pavilion Staff

Stewart Drew, Director and Chief Executive (@fob51): Please contact Executive Assistant Vanda Curtis vanda.curtis@dlwp.com
Patricia Lochans, Director of Operations: 01424 229 110 or patricia.lochans@dlwp.com
Sally Ann Lycett, Director of External Relations: 01424 229 137 or sally.ann.lycett@dlwp.com

Vanda Curtis, Exec Assistant, Patrons & Membership: 01424 229 118 or vanda.curtis@dlwp.com

Glenn Warden, Finance Manager: 01424 229 126 or glenn.warden@dlwp.com

Pippa Moore, Fundraiser: pippa.moore@dlwp.com

Live Programming
Oliver Catchpole, Live Programme Manager: 01424 229 102 or oliver.catchpole@dlwp.com

Skye Brockhurst, Events Coordinator 01424 229 117 events.team@dlwp.com
Charmaine Hart, Catering administrator & Events Coordinator: eat@dlwp.com

Dominika Hicks, Freelance Marketing Officer (Live & Commercial): 01424 229 127 or dominika.hicks@dlwp.com  @dlwp_boxoffice
Laura Sayers, Freelance Marketing Assistant (Commercial, Online & Social Media): 01424 229 131 or laura.sayers@dlwp.com

Learning & Participation
Ashley McCormick, Head of Learning: 01424 229 103 or ashley.mccormick@dlwp.com
Grace Clements, Learning & Participation Programme Assistant: 0142 229 103 or grace.clements@dlwp.com 

Jane Won, Head of Exhibitions: 01424 229 105 or jane.won@dlwp.com
Rory Snookes, Gallery Manager: rory.snookes@dlwp.com
Rowan Bunney, Exhibition Organiser: 01424 229 135 or rowan.bunney@dlwp.com
Chris Parker, Gallery Technician

Technical Team
Caleb Madden, Production Manager: 01424 229 114 or caleb.madden@dlwp.com
Joshua Jupp, Auditorium Production Manager 01424 229122 or joshua.jupp@dlwp.com
Mathew McQuade, Auditorium Technical Manager: 01424 229122 or matt.mcquade@dlwp.com
Gary Richmond, Duty Technician (Auditorium)
Robert Burchett Duty Technician (Auditorium)

Front of House
Bob Marsh, Duty General Manager
Andy Bashford, Duty General Manager
Paul Bailey, Duty General Manager
Andy Hilder, Duty General Manager
Hope Radford, Duty Operations Officer
Megan Barham, Duty Operations Officer

Box Office
Main Number: 01424 229 111 or boxoffice@dlwp.com
James Cosens, Information and Sales Manager
James Dennison, I & S Assistant
James Holcolmbe, I & S Assistant
Pia-Jaie Carpenter , I & S Assistant
Rowan Bunney, I & S Assistant 

Cafe Bar & Kitchen
Contact: 01424 229 119 or eat@dlwp.com
Piotr Zimoch, Head Chef
Sue Quayle, Supervisor

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