Making history come alive

The De La Warr Pavilion isn’t just a physical space, but also a social and historical space, and a site of stories and experiences.

These stories are told through the building itself and its 75 year history, the people who have visited it in the past and those who visit it in the present.  Originally designed not only as a site for the best art and culture, but as a place for people to meet and socialise – a ‘people’s palace’ – this ethos is still very central to the Pavilion’s mission.

The exhibition programme can also enhance these stories.  Works of art give a very different perspective of a moment in, or period of, time compared to a written history, mediated as they are by an artist’s personal interpretation.

Resources on the history of the building and its relationship to the area are available through the De La Warr’s Education Department, and also from Bexhill Museum.

Case Study: Pebsham Primary School
Case Study: Sidley Primary School