A brilliantly sunny day in Bexhill yesterday as I set up the first Art Enquiries Service  for the CWE exhibition.  After a slow start, due to low visitor numbers in general, people began to approach and enquire.  Two small girls took up the offer of Art Goggles to view the installations, and seemed very happy with the results.  More children took the Magic Mirrors downstairs in order to read the neon text piece without looking at the reflection – a nigh impossible feat for a very short person in bright sunshine!
The responses to the questionnaire were funny and charming – I walked several visitors around the exhibits personally, conversing and finding out what they think about conceptual art, installations and more….
Some responses to the work:

“Hollywood neon”

“I followed the nails, braille-like, but using my eyes”

“challenge to decode”

“transient, being both familiar and vague”

“calmness and wellbeing”

“relaxing and challenging”

“I would keep this piece ( the light columns)  in my kitchen”

“shifting patterns and relaxation”

“it makes my hearing aid go funny”

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Sunday 13 May 2012