Last week, we welcomed several work-experience students from local schools and colleges to DLWP. During their time here, they gained hands-on experience in different departments. They worked with our staff in exhibitions, live programming, tech, finances, marketing and box office to learn about the roles and develop new skills.

At the end of the week, one of our work experience students interviewed the others about their time at the Pavilion. They all agreed that they enjoyed their time at DLWP, finding the opportunity useful. Find out what they had to say below.

What have you enjoyed doing here?

Lily: All the work in the kitchen/shop area as I was able to engage with customers and people the most.

Kris: Everything.

Maple: Making the logo/poster and going to the flatland site.

Oriana: Learning new things such as light and sound tech.


Have you learned anything?

Lily: What happens behind the scenes of working at the De La Warr.

Kris: What goes on behind the scenes of an event.

Maple: How they set up and change the space for each exhibition.


Did you enjoy the week overall, why?

Lily: Yes as I have learned my new skills.

Kris: I enjoyed it as I did a variety of work.

Maple: Invigilator of an exhibition.

Oriana: Yes as I learnt so much new stuff.


Has this benefited you?

Lily: Yes, as I have learnt a lot of what goes on in the De La Warr.

Kris: Yeah, its taught me a lot about working here.

Maple: Yes, as I have seen what it’s like to have a job in an artistic place.

Oriana: Yeah.


Would you recommend this to someone?

Lily: Yes.

Kris: Yeah.

Maple: Yeah.

Oriana: If someone was interested.

It was a pleasure to have them and we thank them for all their hard work!

To learn more about our upcoming work experience and opportunities head to Talent Accelerator 

Posted by Daisy Jerome on Wednesday 10 July 2024