We are currently only open 5 days a week and some staff members work weekends.
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We are sorry but we are not able to take phone calls at the moment. If you wish to get in touch with us please email us on

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Box Office
  • James Cosens
    Information and Sales Manager
  • James Dennison
    I & S Assistant

Glenn Warden
Finance Manager


Pippa Moore
Head of Fundraising, Patrons & Membership

Dan Scales

Live programming

Ed Frith
Live Programmer


Will Gilbert

Live Programming Assistant

Cafe Bar & Kitchen


  • Ryan Taylor
    Head Chef

  • Kim Adams
  • Kundai Mudariki
  • Tomasz Kuprowski
  • Sue Quayle
    Café Bar Manager
  • Chris Murphy
  • Stuart Mintram
  • Emma Still

Learning & Participation
  • Rosie Cooper
    Head of Exhibitions
  • Matthew Coombes
    Exhibition Production Manager
  • Chris Parker
    Gallery Technician
Technical team
  • Mathew McQuade
    Technical Manager (stage)
    01424 229 122 or
  • Gary Richmond
    Duty Technician (Auditorium)
  • Daevid Bedwell
    Duty Technician (Auditorium)
Front of House
  • Andy Hilder
    Duty General Manager
  • Jo Richardson
    Duty General Manager
  • Alice McKenna
    Duty General Manager
  • Heather Burchett
    Duty General Manager
  • Andy Bashford
    Duty General Manager
  • Adam Templeman
    Littlegate Farm Supported Apprentice
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