Another busy afternoon at the De La Warr Pavilion, as the wind blew and the rain fell we were all tucked up inside exploring action figures. We made life size, shadowy, action figures made from paper and then coloured in. Participants had to strike an unlikely or impossible pose to tie in with Shaun Gladwell’s daring activities, and then were then dawn around and  the exaggerated figure shape was cut out and coloured in. Some very bizarre, and often ghost like, shapes developed from this activity !

P1020313 P1020314  P1020310 P1020311



At the tables we had lots of coloured plasticene and the idea here was to create similarly strange action figures, with an emphasis on exaggerating the shape of the human (or animal) form as it was activated. We had a great selection of cats, wobbly armed aliens and figures with stylish light sabres.

P1020304 P1020317 P1020307 P1020318 On another table we had book making activities where some great little family zines were created and taken home to copy and share.

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Monday 11 February 2013