In Cafe Bar


Doors 7.30pm

Otti Albietz 8.00pm – 8.30pm

Wave Pictures 9.00pm – 10.30pm approx.

The Wave Pictures return with a brand new, vinyl only album called A Season in Hull, due out on 12 February on their own label Wymeswold Records. The album was recorded on acoustic guitars in one room, with a bunch of their friends, live in to one microphone on singer Dave Tattersall’s birthday, January 28th, 2015. The songs were written as quickly as possible and the recording captures that specific moment in all its spontaneous, thrilling and immediate glory. As Tattersall elaborates: “That’s what this is – a one-microphone happy birthday recording.”

The band reveal the video for the first single “Slick Black River From the Rain From the Rain”. Dave Tattersall says this about the song: “I am crazy about E Minor, specifically on the guitar. There are 3 main ways that you can play it on an electric guitar: open; barred on the 7th fret; or barred on the 12th fret. (On an acoustic guitar you usually just have the first two options). The 7th fret version is just the right colour for me. I write more songs in this key, and in this position, than in all the other keys put together. The reason is that it is my favourite! The 7th fret, guitar version of the E Minor chord has such a strong, evocative, pull to it. But if you play E Minor on a piano, it’s nothing special at all, just another minor chord. All the chords are equal on a piano, but a guitar contains magic chords. On a guitar some chord positions are much better than others. These are magic chords!”

Earlier in the year The Wave Pictures (Jonny Helm, Dave Tattersall and Franic Rozycki) released Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon, their critically acclaimed collaboration with Billy Childish. They cemented their reputation as one of Britain’s most beloved and exciting live bands around with a sold out gig at London’s legendary 100 Club, their biggest headline show to date at The Tufnell Park Dome and an astonishingly heartwarming performance headlining the Garden Stage at The Green Man Festival.

The Wave Pictures return to The Lexington for three shows in two days. The band will (attempt to) play completely different sets for each show, including songs from their most recent album Great Big Flamingo Moon, as well as old classics, and new unreleased hits! Rocking support for all three shows comes from The Ramshackle Union Band. They are December 20th and 21st, with an all ages matinee on the 20th in addition to the evening show.

Support act:

Otti And The Voices

Singer and writer Otti Albietz’ music explores neglected and forgotten emotions, reminding the listener of the importance they can hold. Crafting a path through a turbulent life, he creates a fruitful relationship between this present, an historical past, and an intriguing future.
An inspired contemporary songwriter and performer, Otti was born in Malaga, Spain, and grew up traveling through Europe, and Morocco. When recording his songs he collaborates with musicians from many disciplines and backgrounds, and as well as performing live with a core band & solo, will often have guest musicians join him on stage, helping create a collective of individually celebrated musicians, and artists.
A prolific creator, Otti has released three albums in as many years, Otti’s third full length being released in 2014, just over a year after its BBE released predecessor Bubbytone II. Recorded over two days in August 2013, ‘And The Voices’ forms the culminating piece in a musical trilogy which he describes as an initial statement; helping to identify and establish a musical persona as well as providing a plane from which future work will evolve.

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