Heritage Orchestra and De La Warr Pavilion embarked on a new residency on the 14 November 2009. In 2010, we will be collaborating together on a number of musical projects. This event marked the launch of this union and featured a number of special guests.

Heritage Orchestra

Heritage Orchestra

Heritage Orchestra are a uniquely placed group of forward-thinking musicians and composers. Their collaborative approach and modern production values has set them on a new path that bridges the worlds of mainstream, cult, experimental and popular art and music.

First half

Heritage Orchestra feat. DJ Switch in Gabriel Prokofiev’s Concerto for Turntables & Orchestra

Check out this short film about the making of this piece. Note – Featuring DJ Yoda, not DJ Switch.

DJ Switch

As a four time national DJ battle champion, and current world champion, his shows contain a repertoire of visual tricks so quick you’d think he was stuck on fast-forward. With technical skill that leaves half the crowd with their jaws hanging, and a musical selection that keeps the other half dancing, don’t miss your chance to catch DJ Switch.

Gabriel Prokofiev

Grandson of Russian composer and founder of record label Nonclassical, Prokofiev junior is a force to be reckoned with. On a mission to break-down and repackage classical music for new audiences, this eclectic composer has worked on numerous underground dance music projects as well as producing his own hip hop and electro remixes.

Second half


Heritage Orchestra and Beardyman – an improvised collaboration




World class solo human beatbox, Beardyman uses his voice and live synths, driven through cutting-edge sound technology to create dance-inducing layered rhythms.  Fully produced songs, often totally improvised and all created entirely from scratch make for truly breath taking soundscapes.

This event is split into standing tickets and seated balcony tickets.

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For a chance to win tickets to this event, click here to read a Latest7 article on Gabriel Prokofiev’s new work.


There will be a FREE return bus service between Brighton and Bexhill for this special evening for those who have booked tickets. It will leave from the Old Steine at 6:30pm. (over 18 years of age only please) If you would like a place on the FREE bus please call our Boxoffice to arrange on 01424 229 111


The residency is a very special time for live programming at the De La Warr Pavilion. Find out the reasoning behind the new project by reading the following extract from a recent interview with Head of Live Programming Laura Ducceschi.

What was the thinking behind putting this gig together at the De La Warr Pavilion?

We wanted to do something that was fun, but also had a strong element of risk to show off just what the orchestra was capable of and give a flavour of how we intend to go on.  The Concerto for Turntables was written for the orchestra but only ever performed by them once, so we wanted to take the opportunity to show this piece again, but this time with Switch.  As for the Beardyman, he has an incredible level of musicianship and we knew he would be good to work with in this context. I think the attraction of the show is the idea of risk, having so many playing in an improvisation with Beardyman creates a combination that is pretty scary. You can be sure it will be one of those memorable gigs that contain moments of pure genius that will probably never be repeated.

Can you tell me a little about the residency and what it means for DLWP?

The residency with Heritage at the De La Warr Pavilion  largely came about as it became apparent we shared a similar vision in relation to live music, both in the sense of wanting to push the limits with challenging ideas and projects as well as quite simply the artists who interested us.

The plan in moving forward is to create new works together that come about through collaborations of converging disciplines, and engaging audiences with new experiences.  We believe in breaking down the barriers of how some may define contemporary art, so expect a variation of projects with Heritage.  We are very excited to be entering into this relationship together.

Archive material from the night

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