Image above: Still from ‘The Battle of Orgreave’

In 1998, British artist Jeremy Deller set up a digital recording studio at the De La Warr Pavilion, in a room overlooking the sea, and invited local retired people to make a record of their choice using computers and samplers.

The resulting work ‘We are the mods  is typical of Deller’s evolving occupation over the past decade as artist, curator, producer, publisher and instigator.

‘we are the mods’

His basic curiosity in trying to work out how everything is connected to everything else prompts him to generate collaborations between groups and individuals that would at first seem unlikely. The processes and outcomes of his work celebrate and reveal connections and histories between left field and mainstream, hi-tech and low-tech, old and new.

Deller’s activity as an artist is varied, taking the form of documentary film and photography, prints, editions, publications and works which can be, by their nature, transient and brief. They all describe and document his engagement and enjoyment of ‘culture’. His deliberately entertaining work has a recognisable lightness of touch that is both politically and socially charged.

This exhibition of the artist’s work over the past decade  presents seminal works including,  amongst others, his well known The Battle of Orgreave (2001) a filmed re-enactment of the conflict that took place between the miners and the police during the miners’ strike of 1984 and the celebrated Acid Brass, where a brass band from Stockport are recorded playing acid house anthems.

Jeremy Deller completed a BA in the History of Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London (1985-88) and an MA in History of Art, University of Sussex (1991-92). He was winner of the Turner Prize in 2004 and currently lives and works in London.

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Join artist Sheridan Quigley and gallery staff to contribute to an archive of work and iamge. Inspired by the exhibitions and by the Pavilion itslelf, it will form an evolving display over the summer. Sheridan will be working in the galleries on Wednesday and Saturday aftenoons in August but you can drop in to take part at anytime during gallery opening times.

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