The winner of the Platform Graduate Award 2015 was Tom Heatley, who was nominated by the De La Warr Pavilion. Tom wins a bursary of £2500 and a 12 month programme of professional mentoring.

Platform is an initiative of the Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN) South East, committed to supporting recent graduates in their professional development. The De La Warr Pavilion is part of a network of 5 venues in the region (Aspex, Modern Art Oxford, Milton Keynes Gallery and Turner Contemporary) and showed work from four graduates selected initially from degree shows and the University of Brighton and Sussex Coast College, Hastings.




Celeste Barker - Sussex Coast College, BA Fine Art

Celeste Barker’s work explores the trace of time and repetition on the surface of objects and records these marks through rubbing, casting and printmaking. Tools used as parts of one’s profession or daily routine are of particular interest to the artist, who is fascinated with the connection between object and owner.

Tom Heatley - University of Brighton, BA Photography

Tom Heatley’s series of images, The Sculptors, and their unique installation, resolve a personal uncertainty for the artist over the decision to pursue photography in place of sculpture. Using the University of Brighton’s sculpture department as his studio, the project illuminates Heatley’s three dimensional inclinations through documents of incidental sculptures, still life and staged constructions.

Naomi Holdbrook - Sussex Coast College, BA Fine Art

Through an expanded drawing practice, Naomi attempts to remove herself from decision-making by applying a set of rules, or a system, to drive a process. The final outcome is often raw and unpredictable.
Documented in film, Drawing Machine No. 02 is part of a series of mechanised works. The piece traces an experience from a state of equilibrium to disequilibrium, with the system gradually breaking down. As pendulums fight to bring back stability, drawings are produced by the machine until it ultimately destroys itself and collapses.

Holly Jarvis - University of Brighton, BA Music and Visual Art

Performance and sound artist, Holly Jarvis, will be reproducing Re::Sonate. This site responsive sound installation, featuring musicians Ingrid Plum and Ed Sanders, will be tuned to the social and architectural conditions of De La Warr Pavilion’s iconic south staircase.