Image: Ascend. Life is Difficult. (2014) from the Radical Gallery Tunbridge Wells

The Radical Gallery Activation Site Office will be open:

  • 11am to 4pm daily, from 25th – 29th May.

Artist Cliff Stevenson will be at the De La Warr Pavilion every day this week, conducting the Radical Gallery Activation Site Office – a residency leading up to the activation of a Radical Gallery Bexhill Space at Dear Serge this Saturday.

Please drop in and talk to the Cliff Stevenson about the activation of the Radical Gallery Bexhill, and the wider Radical Gallery project. You can find the Radical Gallery Activation Site Office in the De La Warr Pavilion Meeting room.

The Radical Gallery Bexhill (Saturday 30 May)

Stevenson will present a series of tours of the newly activated outdoor ‘Radical Gallery’, taking participants on a physical journey through the ‘Gallery’ and expanding on the themes being explored. (Come prepared in case of inclement weather).

The Radical Gallery Proposition came about through an investigation of what art is when the starting point is one that presupposes no distinction between art/non-art, gallery/non-gallery, artist/non-artist etc.  If art is about the viewer’s personal experience, can this be activated outside conventional ideas of the difference between art and non-art?  This is not just some fanciful or esoteric artwork.  The implications of this work are radical.  Amongst other things, through the experience of art, Stevenson is proposing new theories of urban regeneration, economic policy, self development and the meaning of life.

Stevenson has already activated Radical Gallery spaces in the centre of Tunbridge Wells and Brighton.

Radical GalleryTourswill take place on Saturday at 11am, 12:30pm, 2pm, 3:30pm, 5pm on May 30th – sign up by emailing

Dear Serge

The Radical Gallery Bexhill is part of Dear Serge – a free showcase of cutting-edge live music, performance and art, taking place on Saturday 30 May at the De La Warr Pavilion. For the full programme and further details please see Dear Serge.