Zehra Arslan
Proposal for Are you coming in or going out?

Zehra Arslan’s (b.1985 in Hamburg, works in London) often monumental in scale, yet subtle and fragile, sculptural interventions shift and question our understanding of space. Displayed here are a body of studies for Are you coming in or going out?, a new installation proposed for the Pavilion’s roof.

The proposed sculpture starts its movement from the rooftop, drops down the east stairs and climbs back to the rooftop over the south side balcony. It’s a study of space and entry/exit points turned into a physical gesture. The movement of the piece recreates the architectural features of the Pavilion’s west and south sides, becoming an abstract mirror image of itself.

Reflecting the various stages of the creative process, the display includes sketches and writing from its early stages, construction plans with mechanical details, a model of the cross-section of the building which physically expands into the space and becomes an intervention itself, and a painting made as a direct response to the project.