Congratulations to Our Big Pavilion Painting Day Spotlight Artists!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for The Big Pavilion Painting Day on Sunday 12 May!

We had fun in the sun as over 100 participants gathered outside for some plein air painting on our South Terrace, everyone’s work looked fantastic! On the day, Artist facilitators Sam Ayre, Elizabeth Power and Miguel Martin selected five artists to feature on our blog to showcase their amazing work (pictured left to right):

1: Asher Cooksley
2: Caitlin Graham
3: Nicola Jones
4: Frances Hawkins
5: Tegan Wray

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who came along and shared your creativity and passion with us. Your contributions made the day an unforgettable celebration of art and community.

Congratulations once again to our talented winners, and keep it up!

The De La Warr Pavilion and Bexhill Dementia Action Alliance receive funding from McLay Dementia Trust for arts workshops for people living with dementia

The De La Warr Pavilion and Bexhill Dementia Action Alliance is delighted to announce and award of £3,532 from the McLay Dementia Trust which will enable a programme of art and craft workshops, based around the exhibition programme, for people living with dementia and their carers.

The funding will support Reminiscence and Art – six workshops which will take place at the De La Warr Pavilion between May 2024 and September 2025.

The programme will begin on 24 May at 2pm, responding to Hastings based artist Laetitia Yhap’s exhibition An Ending to a Beginning. Yhap, who is in her early 80’s, is a unique voice within British art history and the exhibition features her earliest and final paintings of the fishing community at The Stade Beach, Hastings, from the mid-1970s until the mid-1990s.

The workshops will be facilitated by The Painted Ladies who have run many arts workshops for people living with dementia including at The Pavilion, Bexhill Museum and in care homes. In 2022 The Painted Ladies ran a successful workshop at DLWP in response Can’t You See the Sea Changing by Zineb Sedira (pictured), and more recently at Bexhill Museum celebrating their extensive historical hat collection. Art activities are carefully planned to be accessible for all taking part, and the workshops are also a fun, social space for connecting with others in the community.

Sally Ann Lycett, DLWP’s Director of External Relations, says:

We are delighted to be working with the BDAA and The Painted Ladies on this programme of events for people living with dementia. We know that dementia is a disease that effects over 2,400 of Rother residents and are keenly aware of how isolating it can be for those living with it and their carers. Thanks to the McLay Dementia Trust, DLWP is able to create a safe and stimulating creative environment in our building for people to connect and enjoy, continuing our commitment to providing dementia friendly events and our partnership with BDAA.

Sally Hemmings, Chair of BDAA says:

“We are extremely pleased to be working with the DLWP and the Painted Ladies again, to broaden the types of social activities available for people with dementia and their carers. Come and join us for a fun afternoon!”

Please email Sally on to book a workshop place. It is free to take part, first come first served, limited to 16 people.

The Painted Ladies will run a subsequent workshop on 30 September 2024 in connection with DLWP exhibitions of Hastings based artist Michelle Roberts, and international artist Mike Silva, responding to these artists’ very different approaches to painting and storytelling in their work. Full programme of workshops will be announced for 2025 as dates are confirmed.

In addition, the Bexhill Dementia Action Alliance will provide further training for all DLWP staff and the wider community to take part in to become Dementia Champions, understanding the needs of people living with dementia, and the small steps we can all take to ensure they can access local businesses and cultural venues. This will take place on Thursday 16 May. If you would like to take part in the training you can book a free place by emailing Jessica Cheetham to book a place –

Training will take place in the Studio at De La Warr Pavilion on Thursday 16 May from 10.15am.

Please email Bexhill Dementia Action Alliance to book a workshop place:

Tschabalala Self’s ‘Lady in Blue’ selected for the 2026 Fourth Plinth commission

Huge congratulations to Tschabalala Self whose work has been selected for the 2026 Fourth Plinth commission.

The artist says:

‘I am honoured that my work has been selected as the next Fourth Plinth commission, Lady in Blue will bring a woman to Trafalgar Square that many can relate to. She is not an idol to venerate or a historic figurehead to commemorate. She is a woman striding forward into our collective future with ambition and purpose. She is a Londoner, who represents the city’s spirit.’

Self’s sculpture pays homage to a contemporary woman, who could be one of many Londoners walking through Trafalgar Square. Made of bronze, she will reference the square’s existing monuments, but will be patinated with Lapis Lazuli, a refined blue pigment in use since antiquity.

Tschabalala Self’s ‘Seated‘ is currently displayed on the lawns outside the Pavilion.

Read more about the announcement here:

BBC Article

Guardian Article

Steve Williams retires from DLWP Charitable Trust

We’d like to extend our warmest thanks and gratitude to Steve Williams who retired from the De La Warr Charitable Trust in December 2023. Steve took over as Chair in 2008 and was instrumental in bringing stability to the organisation following the 2005 capital refurbishment, and in steering the operating model as we know it today. Crucially, working closely with Julian Bird (our current Chair), he encouraged a strong focus on community engagement, live music, comedy and family productions to complement the visual arts programmes. Following his retirement as chair in 2019, he served his remaining time on the Trust as Vice Chair.

Steve has a unique background in law and philanthropy. He aligned very much with the values of DLWP, bringing his experience the corporate and commercial sector to the cultural, civic and socially minded Charitable Trust.

Steve brought so much energy, extraordinary instinct and passion to the board, he will be very much missed. It was fitting to celebrate with him at a sold out performance of Dr John Cooper Clarke on Saturday night with his wife Sue.

Thank you Steve.


Julian Bird, Chair

Stewart Drew, Director and CEO.

A Week at the De La Warr Pavilion: A Journey through Creativity and Culture (Work Experience Placement)

Coinciding with National Careers Week, we’ve had secondary school student Will, who joined us for a work experience placement for the week. He was a great help, and got stuck in across many different departments in the building. He also documented his experience day-by-day, which you can read below.

A Week at the De La Warr Pavilion: A Journey through Creativity and Culture

My name is William Kneller, I chose to do my work experience at the De La Warr Pavilion because it has the facilities that engage you an exciting experience.

Day 1, morning: Welcome to the De La Warr Pavilion
As I stepped into the iconic De La Warr Pavilion, I was immediately struck by its striking modernist architecture juxtaposed against the serene backdrop of the sea. My first day was filled with introductions to the team and a tour of the venue, learning about its rich history and cultural significance.

Day 1, afternoon: Engaging in Talent Accelerator.
In my first task i was asked to have a look at the Social media and the stall design and write down what improvements they could do to make it more engaging with people.

Day 1, late afternoon: Tech Team
While I was with the tech team I got to have a look at all of the technical side of the auditorium, after the tour I got the opportunity to fit and learn the difference between the copper wiring of a plug socket.

Day 2, morning: Kitchen
I got to have a go at making 4 Victoria sponge cakes that turned out really good. I then got to make a start on making 250 cookies for an event that was on the next day.

Day 2, afternoon: Engaging the Community with educational programmes
Engaging with the local community is at the heart of the De La Warr Pavilion’s mission. I spent the afternoon at the Workplace that is not to far down the road to have a look at an educational art project that some of the students where taking part in.

Day 3, morning: Finance Department
In the morning I was asked to start cash counting the past 3 days of money that was taken in I was in flabbergasted but the amount they make in just 3 days. After that I got the opportunity to fill in an invoice for the first time from the County Council.

Day 3, afternoon: Communications
I was asked to write about my week in the blog your currently reading.

Day 4, morning: Front of House
I was ask to go around the auditorium and do some checks on the building after an event the day prior.

Day 4, afternoon: Box Office/Shop
During my time in the box office I have to use the cash register for some people that wanted to buy some seats for the next show and I got to use the card reader for some of the people that bought some sovereign from us.

Throughout my week at the De La Warr Pavilion, I was amazed by the amount of work that all of the departments do and it has grown an new found respect for people in the creative industry. It is an experience I’ll cherish forever

Thank you for your help Will!

If you’re interested about what work experience placements we currently have on offer, take a look at our Talent Accelerator page here, or get in touch at

National Careers Week 2024 Roundup

This week is National Careers Week, and our Talent Accelerator team have been hard at work delivering talks, workshops, and fair stalls to young people across East Sussex to spread the word about how wonderful a career in the creative industries is.

They’ve been busy attending various events and engaging with different organizations, including career fairs at iCan, East Sussex College Group (Eastbourne and Lewes campuses), as well as at St Mary’s School & College. They also had the opportunity to be part of the Eastbourne Schools Careers fair and a Year 9 Turner Prize visit for Seahaven School. They delivered activities such as hosting workshops with Alexi Marshall at The Workplace in Bexhill, giving a talk at DV8 for Music and Media students, and attending the East Sussex Skills Creative/Culture/Digital/Media task force at Glyndebourne. Additionally, they collaborated with DV8 Games Development students to create a game centered around re-designing the DLWP. Finally, they also learned about the research work conducted by Connected Futures Hastings on youth employment and launched a short paid work placement scheme for Eastbourne Alive partners.

All of this activity is supported by the wonderful young people on the Talent Accelerator team: Mehrin Miah, Talent Accelerator Apprentice (Live Events Assistant L3), Grace Hart Jolley, our work experience placement (Bexhill College) and Elliott Furlong, our intern (Artswork Breakthrough programme).

In the spirit of National Careers Week, we’ve also had Will, a secondary school student who joined us for a work experience placement for the week. He was a great help, and got stuck in across many different departments in the building. He also documented his experience which is available to read as a blog here: ‘A week at the De La Warr Pavilion: A Journey Through Creativity and Culture’.

Thank you for your help Will!

Although careers week may be over, our Talent Accelerator team are available all year round to offer advice, work placements and more in order for you to find a route into the creative industries. If this interests you, take a look at what Talent Accelerator can offer here, or get in touch at

‘Labyrinth’: A poem by Rachel Marsh

Rachel Marsh, writer and gallery assistant at DLWP, has written a fantastic poem titled ‘Labyrinth’ inspired by Hélio Oiticica: Waiting for the internal sun, which is on display in our Ground and First floor galleries until Sunday 14 January.

Read Rachel’s poem below:


Negotiate the labyrinths twists and turns.
White screens sparkle. Blue light burns.

Algorithms grow like twisting vines
from pits of data. Anxiety climbs.

Pages and tabs line the labyrinth walls,
we struggle to silence their chimes and calls.

No way to switch off the noise of the news,
we listen to torrents of global views.

Earthquakes, war zones, floods and drought,
music, celebrities, we cannot miss out.

The screens divide and multiply,
we look, we laugh, we love, we cry.

Searching to find all those hidden delights,
the treats and rewards hidden just out of sight.

A promise, a cure, cute adverts, a bribe,
we Click, we Follow, we Like and Subscribe.

But beware of where your footsteps tread!
There are no danger signs in red.

Cupcakes, puppies, kittens, we scroll
past holidays, jewellery, scammers, trolls.

The hours pass, time drips away…
tempting breadcrumbs line my way.

Confusion swirls. What is real? What is fake?
In endless news, gossip, arguments, debates.

Negotiate the labyrinths turns and twists.
White screens hum. Blue light persists.

Rachel also writes personalised poems that could be given as a unique gift to a special someone, to honour a beloved pet, or a poem that can be read for a special occasion. Please contact her at or DM on social media to discuss.


DLWP is thrilled to announce Reem Acason and Nancy Odufona as our selected artists for our Holiday Activity programme 23/24.  Across the academic year they will be working together to programme activities and workshops for families, developing their own socially engaged practice with support from DLWP. Their first workshop is ‘spooky’ themed and will take place on Wednesday 25 October, from 2- 4 pm.

Reem Acason is a multi-disciplinary artist and arts educator with a deep interest in themes of cross-cultural identity and ecology. She has been living in the Southeast of England for most of her life, with regular trips to visit family in Bahrain. Her current work incorporates oil painting, collage, installation and print making. She is currently undertaking her MA in Fine Art at Brighton University and has exhibited her work in numerous exhibitions including the ING Discerning Eye, the Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and last year she had a solo exhibition ‘Two Seas’ at Rochester Gallery in partnership with Shubbak Festival.  In 2022 she took part in Open Plan, a group residency at the Towner Gallery and recently co-delivered a schools EDI project in response to Zineb Sidera’s exhibition ‘Can’t You See the Sea Changing?’ at the De La Warr Pavilion. She has delivered numerous workshops to a wide variety of groups including those from under-represented and marginalised backgrounds, including those with refugee status and to people with disabilities.

Nancy Odufona is currently based in Hastings, East Sussex. Her artistic practice spans various mediums, including ceramics, moving image, textile, and found objects. She is best known for her installations and her thoughtful exploration into spatial relationships. Her work is characterized by investigating the interplay between objects, individuals, and their surrounding environment. Central to Nancy Odufona’s body of work is her exploration of the over-saturated, technological world we inhabit. Her work is a compelling invitation to slow down and reconnect with our immediate surroundings. Drawing inspiration from furniture and children’s building blocks, Odufona’s sculpture creates a space for sharing and problem-solving. Through this work, she raises essential questions about finding spatial and perceptual harmony within confinement and shared spaces, inviting viewers to ponder the intricacies of contemporary domestic life. She had a major solo exhibition in 2022 at VOLT Gallery in Eastbourne and the Black Shed Gallery in Robertsbridge in 2021.

She Rises With The Sun: A poem by Rachel Marsh

Rachel Marsh, Writer and Gallery Assistant at DLWP, has written a poem in response to Tschabalala Self: Seated, which is on show at the Pavilion until 29 October.

She Rises With The Sun


She rises with the sun;

her bold colours, her dress.

Painted lips, polished nails.

She is more, not less.

Courageous, beautiful.

Dressed to impress.


I smile, empowered by her.

Seated, she owns her space.

She is proud of her body.

Strength shows in her face.

She is timeless and elegant,

a queenly figure of grace.


She shows me that it is okay

to be different, to be strong.

I do not need to fit in to a box

in which I do not belong.

She does not have to answer

or apologise to anyone.


She casts her own light

and sets her own scene.

Her head is held high.

Defiant, yet serene.

She is not afraid to fail

and does not go unseen.


She rises with the sun

and weathers the storms.

She knows that she is enough

and ignores any scorns.

Like me, she lives and breathes.

She is a woman. All women.

We do not conform.


‘Bexhill residents finally allowed to stay out late!’ BBC Radio Sussex

“Bexhill residents are finally allowed to stay out late!” – BBC Radio Sussex

Last night a group of people, led by Cllr Christine Bayliss, Labour deputy leader of Rother District Council, hopped on the 98 bus to celebrate the new timetable from Stagecoach.

As she told BBC Radio Sussex this morning, the last bus to Sidley used to be just before 8pm and now it is just past 11pm, enabling Sidley residents to come to gigs at the Pavilion AND get the bus home.  Cllr Bayliss gave a particular mention to our Sunset Screenings where families with young children can travel to and from the Pavilion for under £5 per journey (£2 per adult, young kids go free during the summer holidays) and enable us to reach communities that we have not been able to access before.

The new timetable also improves late night services between Bexhill and Hastings.

Stewart Drew, Director and CEO of the Pavilion says:

This is really good news, not only for us but a huge win for the whole night time economy of Bexhill.  We encourage as many people as possible to travel car-free to the centre of Bexhill, which is not only good for the environment but will be a boost for the restaurants and bars in our town centre. We also are particularly thrilled about the late night connections to Sidley, which supports our long term ambition to make the two areas better connected.

Thank you to East Sussex County Council who supported Stagecoach in this new endeavour.