Introducing: Elliot Furlong

Hi, my name is Elliott. I am part of the Young Promoters programme, supported by Youth Music and Talent Accelerator here at the De La Warr Pavilion. I’m also an aspiring musician and frontman/guitarist of a band called The Tellums.

I joined DLWP in November because I wanted to be involved in something creative. Originally I applied for the Marketing Coordinator Apprenticeship role. Unfortunately I didn’t get that role, but through the interview process got to know Sally, Kim and Luke, who put me in touch with Artswork.

Artswork is an external company that puts creative people in creative workplaces. So instead of the original role I’d applied for, I was able to find a placement position through them.

They gave me a month of training on general working life, like how to be in the workplace, working on social skills, how to respond to emails formally. Kind of just general beginner job stuff. It was all very useful, and all on Zoom. Then I was put into my placement at the start of November.

To begin with, I was the Creative Admin Assistant, working with the Learning and Participation department. I responded to email correspondence, created and printed resources and helped set up workshops. But in January my role progressed and I was asked if I wanted to help out with the gallery turnaround. I flourish in a practical environment, so I said yes, and I was with them for the next month to help install the new exhibition. But still doing some Learning stuff here and there.

I’m really enjoying my work at the De La Warr. I like that there’s something different to do every day. I can actually walk in some days and not necessarily know what’s coming, which is exciting. Like one day I ended up in Eastbourne – got a text in the morning, ‘do you want to go to Eastbourne today?’ And I said ‘yeah, sure’. It can be very spontaneous, which I like.

That’s how I came to join the Young Promoters programme. I attended one of the Industry Talks held at the Grove theatre, Eastbourne in November, and at the end of the event was offered the opportunity to apply to become a Young Promoter.

It’s a great initiative and although I’ve come into it later than some of the others (most people already have 1 or 2 gigs to under their belt) it doesn’t feel competitive or pressured. I got paired with a mentor early on, and we’ve been working on how to promote gigs with my band, the best way to develop our following and how to get the most out of the time we have together. We’ve written a whole plan for 2024 and already been in the studio because of that. All very exciting stuff!

I recently put on a gig at The Printworks in Hastings that was met with a lot of enthusiasm. We had a really great turnout of people all coming out to support local music from talented upcoming bands. Our main aim is putting local music at the forefront and I felt we did that well. I hope to continue this trend moving forward. We are looking to book more gigs with many more venues around Hastings and the surrounding area – the next key date being the 6th of April at The Printworks!

I’m really cherishing the opportunity to work with a mentor and to learn more about what it takes to be a promoter and lead a team. Kate has really helped me to understand the areas I should be focusing on. I feel that this programme pointing me in the right direction to get my music career started. I’m really grateful that I am a part of it and I am really looking forward to the future!




Hot Wax
Office of Personal Development
Borough Council

Friday 15 December, 2023
Tickets: £5


Music’s Not Dead and DLWP are immensely proud to be able to present, as part of the MND 5th anniversary in the iconic Pavilion, this incredible, never to be repeated bill of local music.  During the last half decade DLWP and MND have brought many amazing acts to the auditorium, foyer and café.  Flaming Lips, The Pixies, Elvis Costello, Keane and countless others which have helped to establish Bexhill as a major circuit venue.  To celebrate five years of their move to DLWP, record shop Music’s Not Dead have invited four bands, all of which call this small stretch of the south east coast home, to a party in the Pavilion.


HOT WAX first played here (as The Kiffs) at the opening celebrations on the day that MND moved into the building and have made time in their meteoric rise to top the bill with their first headline show on the main DLWP stage.  They wowed us all then with their punky, grungy songs and they just get better and better every time we see them.  The last year has seen them gigging constantly in the UK, Europe and the USA and releasing their first records. This will be a fantastic opportunity to see them performing on a big stage to a home crowd.

AIRCOOLED are a local indie “super group” made up of various members of Elastica, The Wedding Present, Neotropic, Jesus and Mary Chain and Piroshka whose debut album, issued by MND sold out in a snap before going on to a speedy reissue.  They played sold out shows at a series of now legendary parties and had a stint opening for Suede on their Autofiction UK tour.  Expect wigged out, extended machine rock grooves and new material from their imminent second album.

OFFICE OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT  have had a similarly busy year with huge audiences at Pride and live sessions on Radio X and plays on BBC 6 Music. Part motivational seminar and part super hooky electro hyper pop, their shows are both eccentric and inspirational and are guaranteed to make you dance and grin. The debut album ‘Doing Is Thinking’ is due out early next year.

BOROUGH COUNCIL are making incredible, hard to define guitar music.  Their “Prescribed” video, shot in St Leonards’ bottle alley went viral and the British indie music biz stampeded.  They are set for a productive year in 24 as are all the bands on the bill. This is almost certainly the last time you’ll see all these acts on the same stage.


Del Querns, owner of Music’s Not Dead says:

“Hard to believe it’s been 5 years since the De La Warr saved Music’s Not Dead and gave us our new home. We’re incredibly proud to have our shop inside the finest building on the south coast and have been very fortunate to have the De La Warr’s support and belief when it comes to the shop and the live music we put on.  Our party is a celebration of 5 years of MND working in and with DLWP and we’re very lucky to be able to showcase all this amazing local musical talent from a small part of the world that is currently punching well above its weight.”

Stewart Drew, Director & CEO of the De La Warr Pavilion says:

“We’re super proud to share DLWP with MND. Del and Ollie bring so much energy, lots of industry contacts, customers and new live music to Bexhill –  it seems like the perfect partnership. Personally speaking, I’ve loved The Wave Pictures, Big Moon, Emily Barker, William the Conqueror, This is the Kit (waking up Bexhill post lockdown), a monumental in-store with Keane, Nikki’s merch selling, and Ollie’s morning pre-opening DJ sets. Most of all Del is a really brilliant person to work with. I’m looking forward to celebrating the 5 year anniversary and here’s to the next 5 years of DLWP x MND.”


Our summer exhibitions, Minoru Nomata: Windscape, RESOLVE COLLECTIVE: LIDO and Helen Cann’s mural A Map of the Sea and the De La Warr Pavilion, have come to a close!

We hope you’ve enjoyed visiting these three exhibition over the past few months. If you have visited any of these exhibitions, we would be grateful if you could complete a short feedback survey, which you can access here.

If you complete the survey, you can enter our prize draw to win a Minuro Nomata Limited Edition Exhibition Postcard set. Two copies are up for grabs!

Your answers will help us plan future programmes and understand what our audiences think. The results of are fed into a platform called Audience Finder. Audience Finder is used by cultural venues across the country to help map visitor numbers and trends – all data is anonymous.

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Bexhill Artists’ Workspace: DLWP’s Choice award

Congratulations to Lizzie Wells, who is the artist of the work selected for the De La Warr Pavilion Choice as part of the Bexhill Artists’ Workspace Exhibition in our Studio this weekend.

Coastal Erosion was selected by our Head of Exhibitions, Joseph Constable, who said:

“I thought this piece was very striking, both for the strong sense of movement and texture that the artist has created, but also for the salient message around climate change that is cleverly denoted by the format of the work. It reminded me of the research and conversations around coastal erosion in our littoral context that has been explored by RESOLVE Collective as part of their exhibition with young people at DLWP this summer”.

Lizzie has received a free DLWP Membership for a year.

The Bexhill Artists’ Workspace Annual Exhibition takes place in the DLWP Studio this weekend, Saturday – Monday 10am – 5pm. FREE, but all works are for sale.

Strike the Flint: a poem by Rachel Marsh

“Flint is one of the materials featured in the LIDO exhibition and the use of pre-historic methods of flint knapping. I wanted to write a ‘foraging’ kind of poem about this important, ancient stone.”


Strike the flint, create a spark,

a glint of golden light from dark.

Hold the flame to give it life,

let amber, gold and red ignite.


The fire grows, uncurls and breathes.

a living creature in the breeze.

Twisting, leaping flames dance on,

man found a way to make the sun.


Our ancestors smiled, they gathered round,

to sit upon the wild ground.

Meat was cooked and stories shared,

the fire would listen as it flared.


A sacred source of heat and light,

a comfort through a bitter night.

Wild creatures feared this dazzling glow,

retreating back to forest homes.


A burning secret, a hidden blaze,

locked inside a crystal glaze.

A fire encased in a stone cold shell,

we learned to break this hidden spell.


An ancient weapon, a sharpened edge,

a knife, a blade, an arrowhead.

An axe, a spear, a hunting tool,

historical, ancient fire-jewel.


An unremarkable looking stone,

not like a ruby, jade or pearl.

A type of quartz, a milky sheen,

a mottled grey, a smoky gleam.


Strike the flint, absorb the past.

Splintered fragments fall like glass.

Millions of years lie in your hand,

the history of an early land.


People of the Pavilion: Stuart Mintram

We were delighted to celebrate a significant milestone for a member of our café team, Stuart Mintram (affectionately known as ‘Minty’), who joined us exactly 15 years ago yesterday. We caught up with Stuart to ask him a few questions about his time at the Pavilion, and what his plans are for the future. Here’s what he had to say:


My name’s Stuart, and today is my 15th year working in the café bar at DLWP.

I started on the 27th July 2007. I did my first coffee training up at illy in London, and joined the café team down here soon after. Speaking of which, I actually had a coffee training refresher, about a month and a half ago now, which was great. Got told off for the amount of coffee I drank though. I do drink far too much coffee. But I’m seasoned to it nowadays so it doesn’t affect me as much as it could do.

My very first day was the antiques roadshow, which was incredible. And I’ve loved the job ever since. The team was very welcoming, and still is. It’s a great building to work in, I love the place. The view from the café is amazing and it gives you a sense of pride to work in a grade one listed building.

Being here for so long, I’ve got a great rapport with the customers, who are very loyal and keep coming back. And I like making them smile, so I keep coming back too.

I only planned to be here for two years originally, but I got stuck into it and I still love it to this day. It’s absolutely fantastic working on the bar. You get to meet so many people from different walks of life. So I love it. Will I stay for anther 15 years? Who knows – we’ll see what happens.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at DLWP

DLWP Fundraiser Dan Scales reflects on the Pavilion’s ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion’ work, which we are undertaking with Natasha Player & Co:

“From its opening in 1935, the Pavilion embodied a progressive and inclusive agenda; a ‘people’s palace’ – designed by a refugee and an émigré, that would welcome people from all walks of life to nourish their ‘mind, body and soul’ with culture. Eighty-five years later, Black Lives Matter, migrant crises, climate breakdown and global pandemic have brought the structural inequalities and racism in our society to the forefront of all our minds. Not only as individuals, but here at the De La Warr Pavilion as an organisation. More than ever, it felt essential to take a step back, reflect, and reimagine what is means to be an inclusive cultural centre.

To begin exploring how DLWP can be more inclusive for our staff and our communities, we have been working alongside Natasha Player and her team – expert ‘changemakers’ who ‘draw out people’s mutual respect and understanding’.

Recent Work

Some of our staff met Natasha Player and Ebi Sosseh in August 2020 for an introductory session exploring key themes around ‘Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion’, and helping them understand Pavilion through the eyes of those who know it best – our team!

On Tuesday 29 March, we met again for the first of four collaborative workshops encompassing the whole DLWP Team. The day of activities was run by Natasha and Ebi, who spent the morning helping the team identify our ‘Unconscious Bias’. In the afternoon, we split into breakout groups to create “Listening Spaces” around specific themes.

My group focused on how to support colleagues who might be experiencing Social, Emotional, and Mental Health (SEMH) challenges, or be neurodivergent. We explored some inspiring stories of how we’d created equitable working environments for such colleagues, at DLWP and elsewhere, through both formal and informal strategies. This enabled us to reflect on practices that the Pavilion could introduce to ensure such colleagues can feel even more welcome in future. Other groups shared insights into staff retention & training, cross-department communication, and teambuilding. It was a brilliant to hear contributions from so many different people across the organisation – from the Café Bar team to our stewards, Gallery Assistants, Box Office and Programming teams.

Simply seeing so many ‘people of the Pavilion’ together was a testament to the vibrancy and inclusivity that already exists within the organisation. And the lively discussions we had throughout the day demonstrated a genuine shared commitment to make DLWP as welcoming as possible for staff and audiences of all ages and backgrounds, needs and creeds.

Our Ambitions

This session was just the start. The first of four throughout the year that will involve us all with the aim of giving us the knowledge, confidence, and tools to address Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion within our workplace.

We all want these sessions to lead to long-term culture change at the Pavilion. Working with Natasha in such a discursive manner feels like a great way to achieve just that. Over the coming year, we will be producing an ‘Action Plan’, informed by our staff, that embeds Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in everything we do – in a way which is meaningful to us, the DLWP team.

After each session, we hope to bring you a further blog from a different member of the Pavilion team, enabling you – our community – to come on the journey with us.”

By Dan Scales, Fundraiser

Read our full Equality, Diversity and Inclusion statement here.

What our team said

“As a newcomer, this was a well timed experience.  I have loved being welcomed into the team from across all aspects of the building, but to see what I was really part of, the large scale staffing, the ambition, the realities made me feel incredibly proud to be a member of the team.  The people in the building give it its personality, and keeps the essence of the space alive, knowing that we are being invested in, asked questions, and listened to was really important”

“Natasha and Ebi made us all feel very comfortable, the training was relevant to us, and encouraged discussion.  It was really refreshing that collectively, it wasn’t seen as an opportunity to be negative, but realistic and optimistic about change.  The main thing I took from it was that people were keen to function and operate more smoothly and to spend more time with each other; choirs, bands, yoga, parties – it shows the people power of the Pavilion”

Mystical Sister; A Poem by Rachel Marsh

A word from Rachel:

People know about the ancient legends of sirens and harpies as being dangerous to men and luring them to their deaths, but a less known part of this legend is that sirens and harpies are supporters of women and are full of love and desire for them. A book I own on myths and legends states that they can be ‘mystical sisters’ of women, encouraging them to live their best lives. I thought this poem I wrote fit in well with Lucy Stein’s ‘female gaze’ in Wet Room and her own mention of these fabulous, mythical creatures.



Mystical Sister


She signifies danger and death to men, but to women

she is a sister, an angel, a mother, protector.

A guardian of female souls.


She sings to us not with doom, but with love.

A mystical sister, a heavenly, welcome visitor.

If you call to her, she will answer you.


She belongs to the ocean, wild shores and the sky.

She speaks through the waves and a bird’s soulful cry.

A mermaid, a sea bird, a shape-shifting spirit.


Her vibrations move through your skull.

You sense her in your bones, but she would never crush them

or consume you. She does the opposite – she lifts you.


She cares for you, and she wants you to fly.

She has no wish for you to die. She remembers the bond

of this relationship bound from an ancient time.


She does not desire your blood or death. She is no threat

to us. She would never drown you or turn you into stone.

Her strength and courage pulse through your veins.


Immortal goddess of water, air, and time. I see her.

Moonlight drips from her wings, long silver talons glint.

They could slice open human skin with one touch,


but they disappear. Soft feathers hold us in the sweetest embrace.

The fire of the earth blazes in her colour changing eyes.

She ignites hidden dreams and urges you to rise.


Her words echo through the tides. Ripples of sound

become louder. She shouts! For the right to be safe, to be heard,

that our education should never be decided by men alone.


She casts her gaze over the world. She can see

women still denied their rights, girls denied their schools

in countries where only men can make the rules.


She orders us to unite, to protest, to continue the fight.

I burn and rage with them. I will use my voice

for all women to possess their freedom and choice.


So I love the thought of you, a magical, mystical sister.

A female goddess who strives for our truth.

Supporter of women and all that we do.


Words by Rachel Marsh




Opening Event: Sophie Goodchild ‘Significant Other: Bulging Waters’

Flatland Projects are extremely excited to invite you to the opening of Sophie Goodchild’s solo exhibition; ‘Significant Other: Bulging Waters‘, Saturday 9 April 2022. This exhibition will be the first in their new Bexhill on Sea space at Beeching Road Studios.

Flatland Projects said “Those who have followed our journey will know that this has been a long term project and we are incredibly honoured to mark this occasion with Sophie’s first UK solo presentation.”



Saturday 9th April 2022



14:00 – 17:00



Flatland Projects

Unit 7 Beeching Road Studios

Beeching Road

Bexhill on Sea

TN39 3LJ


‘Significant Other: Bulging Water’ is an exhibition of felted, ceramic, stone, and salt sculptures produced throughout her experience and time of pregnancy. Goodchild’s approach to making is both connected to craft and the land through the elemental qualities in the making process. Materially, felt and ceramics derive from the fundamental need to contain, carry and protect, commonly descending from living organisms and their own surrounding ecosystems. Through connecting histories of craft, Goodchild places focus upon touch through her making as ‘sensation as translation’; an idea routed in the haptic; to feel within new realms and more importantly, to look at touch as potency.

Sophie Goodchild (b.1993, Chester, UK) lives and works in Nottingham, and has most recently been included in group presentations at Kupfer Project, London; One Thoresby Street, Nottingham; and Saatchi Gallery, London. Goodchild is currently the recipient of the Backlit Gallery studio award in Nottingham, was a recipient of the 2021 London Bronze Editions Prize and a finalist in the 2020 Ingram Prize.

We’re Hiring: Café Bar and Evening Gig Staff

Please see below a summery of the Cafe Bar and Evening Gig staff roles we are currently recruiting for. If this sounds of interest please download the full job description here and send your CV and Equal Opps form to


– To ensure the smooth and efficient running of the Café Bar,
Gig Bars and private events.
– To ensure a quality experience for customers visiting the DLWP Café
and attending events.
– To lead on the service aspect of a variety of private & corporate events.
– To maximise income & profitability.


– Previous supervisory experience
– Excellent customer service skills
– Good organisational skills
– Flexibility of working hours
– Willingness to introduce & implement new procedures


– To ensure a high quality experience for all visitors to the DLWP Café Bar
– To be responsible for the general cleanliness and presentation of all bars
– To serve customers in the DLWP Café Bar on a day to day basis
– To work gig bars on event nights
– To work banqueting style events ie: weddings, private lunches/dinners (both seated and buffet style), conferences and meetings etc.

Download full Job Description here.

How to apply: Please send your CV and Equal Opps form to