On the day that the Independent Musician society gave evidence to a Parliamentary Committee on misogyny in the music industry, the BBC reported that

  • Only 1 in 10 festival headliners are women
  • Glastonbury Festival 2023 has all-male headliners
  • At the 2023 Brit Awards, only 1 in 3 nominees are women

At the Committee, Deborah Annetts, CEO of the Independent Musician Society said:

“It is still the case that women are told if you want to get ahead you have to sleep with the person who has influence over your career. And because by and large they are freelancers and have very few rights.  if they say anything they will not work again.”

BBC South East talked to DLWP  about our music programme, and our Live Programmer Ed Frith spoke about our brand new music festival, Colours which, this year has an all-female line-up. Ed said:

“As always, we were aiming for gender parity in this new seafront festival – but what we ended up with a list of very, very talented musicians who ended up being women”

One of those musicians is Dana Margolin, from Porridge Radio, who said:

“There are so many festivals which are full of men and bands that are mainly men and it does get a little bit boring.  But when I saw the line-up it was more that I thought  “oh, these are great artists” not “oh these are all women”.  I want to be  part of a female festival because for me it’s not about the fact that its tokenistically a festival for women, its about the fact that these are artists who I really respect.”

The Pavilion continues to strive for  gender parity (with artists of all genders) in our programmes.


24 June, 2023
All beachside Festival
On the lawns at the De La Warr Pavilion

Weyse Blood

The Big Moon

Katy J Pearson

Porridge Radio (solo)

Emily Barker

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Posted by sally on Friday 21 April 2023