And so we say goodbye to Joseph Beuys. Thank you to everyone who has taken part in so many interesting and thought provoking conversations over the course of the season.

A particular thank you to our Speakers’ Corner contributers, who have given their time, ideas and energy for free. I have been amazed at how people responded to the opportunity to share and exchange ideas and opinions, and how a place like the De La Warr Pavilion seemed able to facilitate this exchange in a different way to many traditional forums.

Although Speakers’ Corner won’t continue in its weekly format, we hope to continue the spirit of exchange through our Thinking Aloud discussions that will continue bi-weekly, sometimes with invited speakers to stimulate the conversation.

Keep an eye on our website for full details.

Polly Gifford
Head of Education
De La Warr Pavilion

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Thursday 1 October 2009