The Blueprint Collective is actively seeking new members!


The Blueprint Collective is a group of young people (ages 16-22) that aim to: 

Connect with other young people and professionals

Contribute to shaping the cultural life of DLWP

Learn & Progress by developing the necessary skills to conduct their plans and encouraging other young people to engage with DLWP.


The Collective’s work includes:

  • Collaborating with exhibiting artists Resolve Collective to shape and contribute to the forthcoming exhibition, What The Wild Things Are, at DLWP.
  • Developing arts management, organisation and leadership skills, working with the DLWP team, Real Strategies and Afri-Co-Lab.
  • Introducing new young people to the group

If you are 16 – 22 years old and want to develop creative and leadership skills, produce cultural reviews and events, and make change happen – we would love to hear from you!

To find out more about how join the group, please email


Upcoming Blueprint Collective Events

The Blueprint Collective emerged from the work of the Young Creatives, 2016 – 2021



Spring 2021

Chatting Creativity

The Young Creatives team, along with Educator and Equal Rights Campaigner Zo Daniels co-produced Creative Chats – a series of inspirational, online interviews with innovative individuals working in the Cultural Sector. These creative professionals share their career journeys and some top tips for nurturing creativity.

Zo is the Online Community and Content Manager for Spark & Co., a resource hub for racialised people and communities. In addition, she is Vice Chair of the education reform organisation All in One Education, and works with a range of organisations including Culture Shift, Hastings Hi-Fest and Hastings Welcomes Refugees.

View the series below.

Summer 2020

Everything Changes Everything

Everything Changes Everything is a project with the DLWP, artist Sam Ayre and the Young Creatives.
It explored change in various forms and settings including art, society, history and culture.
The Young Creatives gathered and revealed stories in a podcast series, and creatd new visual and audio works informed by listening, questioning and ideas generated as a group.

The first podcast of a series, features artist Felicity Hammond talking about the unavoidable part of the art making process, additional interviews conducted by the Young Creatives and some passages from Octavia Butler’s book Parable of the Sower, which was a featured book in the All Welcome Reading Group.

Listen to the podcast here

The second episode featured musician One True Pairing discussing change as an unspooling of ideas and features a poem by Young Creative Saffron titled ‘We Need To Change’.

Listen to the podcast here

Spring 2020


Originally planned as a live event in April 2020, New Rituals went online during lockdown 2020.

The Young Creatives worked with artist Sam Ayre to generate conversation, ideas and creative outputs informed by a concoction of everyday activities, historical actions and artists work and ideas.

The main task was to gather stories for New Rituals – a project where they invite family and friends to reminisce about encountering new technologies, foods, architecture, metaphors, clothing, medical practices, etc for the first time. What was it, when did they first become aware of it, how did they feel then and how do they feel about it now?

Sam introduced the group  to artists David Blandy and  Holly Hendry and journalist Eddy Frankel so they could hone their interview skills and share their work.

Read the interview with Eddy Frankel here

Read the conversation with David Blandy  here

Read the conversation with Holly Hendry here

The Young Creatives used their interviewing skills to create this podcast, which talks about change, adapting to change and, what once was new eventually becomes the “new normal”. Listen here

Credit: Ren D

“I came to the De La Warr Pavilion for my work experience and was interested in continuing an involvement through the arts. Becoming a Young Creative has been interesting and has introduced me to new ideas”

“The Young Creatives enables me to expand on my ideas around art and understand others ideas as well as developing skills of my own”

“Young Creatives allows a real insight into the running of an organisation like the De La Warr Pavilion”

“The Young Creatives is an escape from school – it’s more of a relaxed environment so its nice to have a break and come here”

The Young Creatives' "Chatting Creativity" Series

Designs by Ren D

In this short interview series, creative professionals share insights into their career journeys, and their top tips for sparking creativity.

Chatting Creativity with Nina Cosford
Design by Ren D


A chat about the highlights and the struggles of a career in Illustration.

Watch the full video on our YouTube channel here.


Chatting Creativity with Saba Kia
Designs by Ren D


The Young Creatives Chat With Film Producer and Location Manager Saba Kia

Watch the full video on our YouTube channel here.


Chatting Creativity with Richard Hogg
Designs by Ren D


The third instalment of the series features Richard Hogg, who spoke about his experiences in game design and illustration.

Watch the full video on our YouTube channel here.


Chatting Creativity with Katy Baird
Designs by Ren D


Starring Katy Baird; professional artist, curator and producer.

Watch the full video on our YouTube channel here.

Katy has also been working on various other projects with the Young Creatives, so make sure to subscribe to the De La Warr Pavilion channel to keep up to date with everything to come.


Chatting Creativity with Ebunluwa Oladeru
Designs by Ren D




Chatting Creativity with Kharn Roberts
Designs by Ren D




Young Creatives was kindly supported by:

Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust
John Thaw Foundation
And those who wish to remain anonymous