The Blueprint Collective is actively seeking new members.

We are the Blueprint Collective, a group of young people 16 – 22 years old who aim to develop creative and leadership skills, produce cultural reviews and events, and make change happen!


We believe in the importance of creativity, friendship and having fun. We value respect, equality and individuality. We create space for all members to express themselves freely. We are The Blueprint Collective.


  • Develop our creative skills through art making, workshops, events, and creative research trips.
  • Collaborate with artists, creatives, and collectives to learn and create together.
  • Inspire other young people in our community and make space for young people to be creative in a fun environment.
  • Contribute to shaping the cultural life of DLWP.

In 2022 we:

  • Collaborated with artists RESOLVE Collective and helped create the exhibition Lido; 28 May – 4 September 2022.
  • Curated a Pavilion Late event title ‘Beyond Bloom’, an evening of dreamy surrealism, which celebrated the growth and progression of young people particularly those moving on from the collective. ‘Beyond Bloom’ featured the performers Paris Blue, Loula and Aimee Staples.
  • Research trips to Mallydams RSPCA, Hastings Contemporary, The Yard Artists Studios, Beeching Road Studios and Towner Eastbourne.
  • Workshops led by a wide variety of facilitators including:
    • Creative Computing Workshop with Jazmin Morris In Collaboration With Tech Yard.
    • Mapping the interconnections, to the local and global systems, ecosystems and worlds around us with artist Sam Ayre.
    • Curating with Joseph Constable, Head of Exhibitions, DLWP.
    • Fundraising in the Arts with Dan Scales, Fundraiser, DLWP.
    • Climate Hack Lab: ‘The Manifesto Of Re-Wilded Youth!’ with artist Beccy Mccray.
    • ‘Sea And Rocks, Body And Bones’, photography and painting workshop artist Miroslava Vecerova.
    • Photography Workshop led by artist Lynn Weddle.

Sound like fun? To find out more about how join the group, please email

The Blueprint Collective emerged from the work of the Young Creatives, 2016 – 2021