1066 Country Marketing has joined the campaign to bring the Bayeux Tapestry back to its roots.

Stewart Drew, Chair of 1066 Country Marketing  says:

“It’s fantastic news that the Bayeux Tapestry is coming to England. This beautiful work depicts the origin of the 1066 Country story – the landing at Pevensey, the battle itself  and Hastings castle. The loan of this tapestry from France reminds us how this significant event has influenced the country we live in today. It has shaped our society, language, industry, heritage and culture.

“Why not bring the Bayeux tapestry back to its roots ? we ask. In 2016 we witnessed the 950th anniversary celebrations here. Let’s build on the interest and enthusiasm that generated.

“There’s no doubt that for 1066 Country to host one of the world’s most famous tapestries would be both apt and sensational. It would set it in the context of our special landscape, coastline, communities and cultural heritage – the very place that was pivotal in this nation-shaping event.”

1066 Country is the area in south east England that includes the towns of Hastings, Battle, Rye, Bexhill and Pevensey.

1066 Country is one of the oldest tourism agencies in the UK. It is it a private public partnership supported by, amongst others, Hasting Borough Council,  Rother District Council,  Wealden District Council and  English Heritage.

Posted by sally on Saturday 20 January 2018