Start your day right: with our special blend of fresh, homemade morning dishes and stunning sea views. 

We are sorry but the Cafe Bar & Kitchen is temporarily closed.

Served everyday 10-11.30am

Many of our dishes can be adapted to suit dietary requirements. Please speak to a member of staff for details.

Breakfast menu
  • Full English breakfast
    Sausage, streaky bacon, black pudding, spicy beans, mushrooms, grilled tomato, fried eggs, toasted bread
  • Vegetarian breakfast
    Fried eggs, mushrooms, avocado, spicy beans, toasted sourdough, tomato salsa, halloumi
    V £9.50
  • Rye sourdough toast
    Avocado, streaky bacon, poached egg
    Avocado, smoked salmon, poached egg
  • Buttermilk pancakes
    Streaky bacon, maple syrup
    Berries, greek yoghurt, maple syrup
    V £7
  • Almond milk porridge
    Berries, maple syrup
    VE £6