We use local, fresh & tasty ingredients in all our dishes. There’s something for everyone.

As the days get chillier and the sea air becomes sharper, what better excuse is there than to stop by to indulge in a warming dish for colder days. Served 12-3pm every day.

Something light
  • Soup – freshly made & served with homemade bread £5.90
  • Chicken & prawn nachos – With a sweet chilli sauce finished with melted cheese £8.50
  • Vegetable mezze – Goat’s cheese & butternut squash houmous, olives, mushrooms, chargrilled bread & dipping oils V £9.50
  • Welsh rarebit – Served on homemade focaccia with lemon mushroom & leek V £9.50
Jackets £8
  • Hot smoked Hastings salmon in a white wine & cream sauce finished with a poached bantam egg & land cress
  • Chargrilled courgette & roasted tomato with basil & red pepper sauce finished with smoked mozzarella V
Main courses
  • Fish & chips – Beer battered local fish served with seasoned chunky chips, crushed peas & tartare sauce £13
  • Pork loin burger – Breaded pork loin in a Kaiser seeded bun with whole grain mustard mayo, red cabbage & apple coleslaw, hand cut chunky chips & a homemade tomato relish £13
  • Mediterranean lamb – Slow cooked fillet with bulgur wheat tabbouleh & mint yoghurt £14.50
  • Crab dumplings – Risoni pasta with crab dumplings finished with a saffron sauce £12
  • Vegetable casserole – Roast vegetable & bean casserole finished with feta cheese crumble & garlic bread V £12
Warm salads £12
  • Chicken caesar salad – Chargrilled chicken finished with parmesan & bacon pieces
  • Vegan salad – Sea salt roasted beetroot, asparagus & organic bean shoot finished with land cress & a horseradish dressing V
Homemade sandwiches £7.50
  • Freshly made to order & served with a dressed salad garnish
  • Pastrami & sauerkraut with pickled cucumber & Dijon mustard mayo in a malted bloomer
  • Spicy homemade falafels with a cumin & tahini sauce served in a pitta V
  • Roast chicken with red onion, beef tomato, lettuce, crispy bacon & homemade mayo served on white or brown farmhouse bread
  • Smoked mackerel tartare with egg & homemade gooseberry conserve in a poppy seed bagel
  • Cheddar cheese with caramelised onion mayo, tomato & lettuce on white or brown farmhouse bread with a side of parsnips crisps V
Children’s menu £6.50
  • Fresh cheese & tomato thin crust pizza V
  • Chicken nuggets – made from free range chicken breast coated in breadcrumbs & served with chips & a salad garnish
  • Battered fish goujons served with chips & pea puree
  • Pasta with a rich tomato & diced vegetable sauce with cheese V
  • Roast chicken sandwich & small bowl of soup
  • Cheddar cheese sandwich & small bowl of soup V

All served with a glass of fruit juice, sparkling Vimto or babyccino. Followed by two scoops of home made ice-cream.

Extras (V) £3.50
  • Sweet potato wedges with jalapeno pesto dip, a cucumber & mint raita
  • Hand cut chunky chips & homemade mayo
  • Marinated olives
  • Tomato, red onion & basil salad
  • Green salad