Lighthouse Stories 3

A glittering sea day, the lighthouse clear on the horizon and a steady flow of people of all ages, locals and tourists, enjoying the De La Warr Pavilion.

This was my last gallery interaction session as a member of this year’s Interpretation Team. It’s been excellent. Today, I did collage with kids and recorded people’s reactions to the Catherine Yass film “Lighthouse”.

Many thanks to volunteer helper Callum the Chemist.

Lighthouse Stories 1.


What images or words are in your head after watching the film Lighthouse? Do you have any lighthouse stories? What do lighthouses mean to you?

Make a drawing or collage, write a poem, illustrate a word or be in a short video for the Pavilion’s Thinking Aloud exhibition blog.

That was the proposition for a gallery interaction on an unseasonal Saturday afternoon, the Pavilion a refuge from rain & wind. The Sovereign Lighthouse was invisible until it suddenly brightened up around 4pm. We had two big tables outside the 1st floor gallery where Lighthouse by Catherine Yass is showing, by the cafe.

Lots of talented people stopped by to sit down and make something. Ana wanted to talk to camera. Too noisy to do it indoors due to a wedding reception upstairs, kept from this summer’s rooftop beach by the horrible weather, so we had to contend with the roar of the sea on the balcony. Penny remembered her wedding reception here in 1968. Sophie & Rolf, on a 4 day trip from Brussels in their beautiful car to attend an Austin A35 rally in Liphook, had found the De La Warr Pavilion on the internet and took the time to make an ingenious model lighthouse.

Some of what we tacked to the wall or photographed before it was taken home is below. Thanks to wonderful volunteers Penny & Jess.