A sunny and windy afternoon of cutting and pasting …. today the principal visitors to the
Gallery Interpretation area had some kind of creative background – artists, photographers and printmakers… all sat down and inspired by Tomoko Takahashi’s work, got really stuck into creating their own collage collection. The Beano as a source material proved very popular and the conversation wondered from children’s comics to the changes in print quality and inkiness to changing characters and stories.
One visitor who worked as a Doctor’s receptionist said that Takahashi’s installations reminded her of one Dr’s office which was rather chaotic …but in a hygienic way! Another visitor felt annoyed that not all the clocks looked like they came from a skip …she suspected that some were new ….so we talked about how the artist might have to start with one idea and set of rules but then have to change or break them in order to make it ‘work’.

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Wednesday 1 September 2010