The French philosopher Jean Baudrillard argued that the world is “without meaning” and that to accept this meaninglessness can be liberating. A comment on the blog today made me smile and put Baudrillard’s complex ideas into a much simpler format: “TOO MUCH THINKING LEADS TO MEDICATION – ENJOY YOUR LIFE AND STOP THINKING ABOUT THE END OF IT!”.

On the subject of thinking, however, I’ve noticed that some people very thoughtfully spend a long time considering what to write on the walls of the Comments Box space in the gallery, carefully choosing their words. Comments are prompted by the statement on the board “The world will end when…” and the proposal for “Principles of a new belief system…” It’s great to see the freedom and creativity that a blackboard and chalk inspires. For visitors to the blog who haven’t seen the Comments Box walls, here are a few pictures of how they looked today.

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Sunday 24 January 2010