Inspired by Bridget Riley’s notion of creating and de-stablising an order situation, join artist Beccy McCray in Crafternoon Tea Club on Friday 7 August & Friday 21 August.  Using unexpected building objects to create towering structures to record the sucess (or failure!) of each one… Think of it a bit like jenga, only much more adventurous in form and scale using biscuits and recycled objects!

  • Fri 7 August & Fri 21 August
  • 2-6pm
  • Free event (donations welcome). No booking required

Please note: This exercise will coincide with afternoon tea so no biscuits will be wasted in the creation of this artwork

crafternoon imageblog

Beccy’s Crafternoon Tea Club is a collective which explores participatory and community art, combined with DIY craft-based tradition that can take any form; from games, happenings and installation, to collage, baking, parties and painting – or just being nice to people. The project acts as both curator and collaborator; creating frameworks within which unexpected situations can occur. It aims to blur the line between artist and audience, bringing people together, using collective powers for the greater good, and having fun while they do it!

Beccy’s work has been commissioned by organisations such as The Barbican, the Jerwood Gallery, Turner Contemporary, The Olympic Park Legacy Company, The National Theatre, Home Live Art, Create London, ONCA Centre for Arts and Ecology and the Women’s Institute.

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Tuesday 28 July 2015