This last random curating session for the Universal Addressability of Dumb Things provided an opportunity for local people to bring along their strange, odd or peculiar objects so that it they be talked about, photographed and be part of a Bexhill Dumb Things archive – a collection of local objects all talking to each other ! It felt a little like a version of the Antiques Roadshow for all the objects people keep in the back of a cupboard or objects that are treasured yet forgotten but obviously things that have some hold on the owner … things not ready to be chucked out !

Some of the things might be easily identified but others are more mysterious …. the couple who brought in the glass cone shaped objects with ornate silver lids would be really pleased to know what they are ?

The second part of this last session provided another chance for visitors to describe a favourite object in the exhibition and leave it for someone else to draw from or to go and locate in the show – the aim being to look at the gap between words and images. Some people enjoyed the describing and others were eager to draw but many found that it enabled them to examine some of the things in more detail and ponder on their place in the world and in the exhibition.

Thank you to all those who brought in their strange objects, including Anne who brought in one of her own hand made objects from her studio, the purple caravan sitting on the terrace,  and to those who took looked closely and took time to explore the exhibits in detail. Big thanks also to the volunteers

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Sunday 13 October 2013