Brackish_Hymn_v4As part of this year’s Art in Romney Marsh Festival, Dear Serge will be curating St Georges’ Church, Ivychurch in  Romney Marsh and an evening of performance to launch the Festival on 19 September.  For the launch, we will be presenting two artists who have featured at previous Dear Serge events: live experimental electronic music from Graham Dunning and a performance lecture from Cliff Stevenson. Alongside this there will be an improvisation utilising the church organ by Aine O’Dwyer.

We are also presenting a  specially commissioned sound work A Brackish Hymn created by Cieciura/De Sousa. A Brackish Hymn explores the local landscape, placing the sound of the nearby Little Cheyne Court Wind Farm directly into the context of the 14th century church. The two seemingly incongruous landmarks, the church and the wind-farm (the latter having caused some controversy when erected in 2008) coexist in Romney Marsh. What is their relationship and what connections, if any, exist? By audibly experiencing the modern mechanical rhythm of the giant turbines within the church’s ancient enclaves, the audience is invited to engage with and question the proximity of the two landmarks and perhaps also the wider resonances this may have within the changing global landscape.

Dear Serge in St George’s Church Ivychurch, Ashford Road, Ivychurch, Kent, TN29 0AL
Launch event : 19 September 5pm
Open to the public 19/20, 26/27 September
3/4, 10/11 October
1pm to 5pm

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Tuesday 15 September 2015