Tara Neville is our Digital Marketing Apprentice from DV8 Sussex. Tara has been with us since last July and we asked her how she felt she was getting on and to give us an insight into her day.

How long have you been with DLWP and what is your role within the team?

I started my apprenticeship and work with the De La Warr Pavilion at the start of July 2016 and my role within the team is to assist the Communications Team in seeking, developing and engaging new audiences for Live programs via existing and new channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What would a typical day be for you?

A typical day for me in the office would involve updating information on all online channels such as our website, listings, and social media accounts to boost engagement with audiences about events here and the building in general.  I strive to increase followers and engagement on the @dlwp_boxoffice twitter account while also engaging with as many key influences such as press, bloggers, music critics and fans as possible.

I also use analytics tools to manage and organise statistical data through our online channels using Facebook analytics, Google Analytics and more to manage what works for our customers and what has been successful for the business when creating and paying for advertisements. Here I would manage engagement rates, click-throughs, comments, sales and more.

As well as this online activity, I also assist the communications team with data interrogation within our Spektrix system by sorting through data to make sure that no duplicates appear within our database and entering new information such as new customers into the database. I also create e-mails and create targeted and refined customer lists to ensure content is sent to the most relevant people.

What have you learned since your last blog?

Since my last blog, my knowledge has expanded and I have a deeper understanding of audiences and how to target people differently. Since then, having the opportunity to create and send out email campaigns has helped me understand this more and what certain audiences want to receive and how they respond to certain information. I can see which links have been clicked on, open rates, bounce backs and ROI which gives me a better outlook of how the marketing team works.

I have also been a part of a very exciting project for the De La Warr Pavilion with the new launch of their website. This has been a huge part of my work here and I have had the opportunity to involve myself within more activities within the business since my last post! It’s been great to be involved in such a large project for the venue and follow it step-by-step.

Tell me a bit about the AMA Marketing day you attended?

On the 2nd December 2016, I attended the Arts Marketing Agency Digital Marketing Day at Kings Place, London.  This is an event where several digital marketers attended to get involved in lectures and talks to expand their knowledge and gather new and fresh ideas! This was a great experience and I got to meet so many different people working on many different projects within their businesses! It was very interesting to see how different companies work and what priorities people have in comparison to us depending on their target market.

What would you like to have achieved at the end of your apprenticeship?

At the end of my apprenticeship, I hope to achieve my Digital Marketing Diploma with DV8 Sussex alongside gathering skills and knowledge from my work to help me gain more confidence, communication skills and creative writing skills to engage with people online and in person to the best I can in the most appropriate way.

I hope the skills and experience I pick up from this year will help me start a career within this growing sector and that I would have learnt to understand how Digital Marketing and aspects of Social Media can positively impact real life businesses within a range of different industries.

Posted by Laura Sayers on Thursday 9 February 2017