Have you ever had any dreams before?

The ones where there are no closed doors to happiness.

Where everything you wish for comes true,

and the sea you swim in is a fairytale shade of blue.


The dreams where we fly to a world of our own,

where we sit in a heavenly garden we’ve grown.

A pier that sits in the sky instead of the sea

when the lights of the city were far below me.


The dreams where we can see loved ones we’ve lost,

and every Christmas has a perfect white winter frost.

Where the sea has no plastic and the water is pure,

and we feel independent, safe and secure.


But the nightmares can creep in, disturbing our dreams.

Where everything we love falls apart at the seams.

Hearts can be broken, and we feel fear and pain,

and the unkind words are repeating again.


But we cannot allow nightmares to ruin our day.

Let’s remember the dreams where the fear goes away.

The dreams that remind us of how strong we are,

let’s keep them in a dreamcatcher memory jar.


Posted by Max Mowbray on Tuesday 14 December 2021