1066 Racing is a radio-controlled model car racing club based in Bexhill and Hastings, and we’re coming to DLWP on 17 August to run demonstration races on the terrace! The club runs 1/10th scale cars, and the demonstration races will include off road buggies (great at jumps!) and Tamiya rally cars, a really realistic and inexpensive way to get into the sport.

We’ll also be having some ‘try out’ sessions in between the races where members of the public can get ‘behind the wheel’ themselves! The cars are electrically powered, so they make very little noise, but are capable of speeds up to 45mph. RC car racing is just like full size motorsport, with timing equipment measuring lap times to within a one tenth of a second, just like F1, and even a British, European and World Championship.

Come and meet the club, who have a new permanent track in Bexhill, and see what the sport is all about.

Learn more about the 1066 Racing here.