• Ellie Westbrook

  • Jazmine Miles-Long

A series of three workshops led by the Babes in Arms Collective, working in different mediums.


This second session will be an immersive performance workshop for parents/carers and their little ones to share together.

This workshop will dive into the deep blue sea, where parents and children will participate together in a performance adventure. Fun, playful and thoughtful, this will be an opportunity lost in the ocean through songs, costumes and seaweed!

The session will be led by Ellie Westbrook a performance artist and a mother. Ellie is a clown and a vocalist, and always aims to unite the beauty of silliness and the silliness of beauty. She runs drama workshops for kids, performs songs and stories for babies and makes her own experimental performance work.

Assisted Jazmine Miles-Long who is a Taxidermist and Artist working only with animals that have died from natural causes. Jazmine creates work for both the gallery and museum context. Her love of natural history has led her to make work with her young son that respects nature and focuses on the beauty of living things.


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