Poster design by group member Dominic

An inclusive and accessible gig celebrating togetherness after the tough lockdowns.

Tickets £3 | free for carers

Beyond Imagination and Limits is open to all, with a focus on welcoming neurodiverse people and those with physical and learning disabilities from the local area into the auditorium.

Planned with a group from the Parchment Trust calling themselves and the gig, Beyond Imagination & Limits, this will be, in their own words “a great gig, a great get together for all to celebrate!”, with the most important things being ‘dancing!’ ‘good music’ ‘make everybody feel welcome’ ‘strong voices’ and ‘space to be myself’.

Bands playing will include Delta 7 and Message from the Ravens, both from the South coast, with Electric Fire travelling down from South East London to play.


The Bands

Delta 7

Delta 7 is a seven-piece post-punk rock band from Eastbourne. The band members have different personalities, talents, and disabilities but their shared love of performing, positive energy and mutual support allows them to create music that is infectious and inspiring. Delta 7 is an uplifting and powerful voice for everyone who feels a little outside of ‘mainstream’ society.

Electric Fire

Electric Fire, from South East London, make heart lifting, feel good ‘egg funk’ bangers. One of the best bands on the planet, Electric Fire is made up of Alicia (vocals), Ehima (drums, percussion and vocals), Sam (synths and vocals) and William (laptop, production and vocals). Their unique sound was developed through Heart n Soul’s digital music project SoundLab. It has evolved into an incredible live act, and the band have performed on stages from Hong Kong to Amsterdam, London to Paris.

Message From the Ravens

From ancient sea shanties to southern gothic ballads, haunting indie folk to full power 90’s feminist sass, Message from the Ravens are the girl band who sing the lost stories that the ravens have witnessed since the dawn of time. Hailing from Hastings, the band was created by Siddy Bennett, the former lead singer of Indie-folk band Wildflowers (who have supported the likes of Robert Plant and George Ezra). Current members are: Amy Atkins on cello, Siddy Bennett on guitar and kazoo, Hannah Dennard on organ and flute, Lily Kim on rhythm guitar and Philly Piggott on drums. All five women contribute to lead vocals and intricate 5-part harmonies.

In addition to the De La Warr’s usual access facilities, there will be a dedicated chill out space and a Mobiloo!


Mobiloos are the world’s first, and only, fully mobile, attended, accessible toilet and changing facility designed specifically for people with disabilities. Basically they are “Changing Places Toilets” on wheels.

We have booked the Mobiloo named “Ryan”, but all of the vehicles  have either a tail lift or side lift with large opening doors which enable the wheelchair user to move straight into the toilet and washroom space. Inside, there is plenty of room for carers or family members who may need to assist or accompany the user. You’ll find a sink at wheelchair height, a toilet with drop down grab rails at either side, a full sized (6 ft) free standing and height adjustable changing bench and an electric ceiling tracked hoist which is compatible with all loop slings. They provide consumables such as wipes and disposable gloves and a bin for waste.

Mobiloo is not exclusively for wheelchair users. They recognise that many disabilities are invisible. You might just need a clean, hygienic space to attend to your needs, or a bigger space than that available in a ‘disabled’ portaloo. We won’t ever question or challenge the need for using our facility, but welcome individuals to ask the attendance if you are unsure about anything. Please note that they are registered as a disabled service, so  cannot be used as a baby changing facility.

Mobiloo is  an attended service which means the Driver/Attendants will set up the Mobiloo on arrival at the event, operate the lift and keep the inside clean between each user, ensuring that it is in perfect condition for every user. Users will need to bring along their own sling if they use one.