Digital Ecologies: Worldbuilding on the Web, FREE WORKSHOP
For adults and young people, 16+

Join artist Jazmin Morris for a two-part workshop exploring digital worldbuilding and contemporary ecologies. First Jazmin will facilitate a discussion on the philosophical questions behind digital worldbuilding and various creative approaches towards it. The discussion will be followed by a practical workshop in which participants will be prompted to 3D model geologies/terrains/fossils/organisms and entities to fill a collaborative, immersive space filled with diverse experiences and perspectives.

No booking required, just turn up!

Bring your own laptop/tablet or use ours provided on the day.


11:00 – 11:45 – Discussion

12:05 – 1:30 – Workshop


Jazmin Morris is a freelance Creative Computing Artist and Educator. She uses open-source tools to create digital experiences that approach social-political issues; with a specific focus on the complexities of simulating culture and identity in cyberspace. Jazmin is a former academic and an associate lecturer at University of the Arts London. She dedicates a considerable portion of her practice to education, fostering critical creative questioning around computation. Jazmin still fantasises over web.1 and Super Mario 64.