The much-loved, cross-disciplinary project Dear Serge™ emerges from its Sussex hide-out to present an evening of sonic interventions.


Intended to offer a contemporary take on the themes that guide the current curation at Two Temple Place, this event responds to the inter-war modernist cannon with its own blast of progressive aesthetics.

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Audrey Chen

audrey chen

Audrey Chen does not simply continue the modernist programme of pushing language to new forms, she takes the form and pushes it beyond the breaking point. In doing so she offers a vocalisation of the contemporary frontiers of progressive, creative possibility. Vocalisations beyond language that trade in primal, visceral effect, these performances must be seen in the flesh.

Audrey Chen is a Chinese-American Musician using the cello, voice and occasional analogue electronics. She lives in Berlin and regularly performs at festivals and events around the world. David Harrington of the Kronos Quartet has described her work as “fascinating and gripping” and “possessing something extremely vital and vivid….”

Ewa Justka

EWA Justka live cafe oto 2016

Ewa Justka also pushes progressive aesthetic form into the realm of the visceral. However here, rather than the primary technology of voice, the artist utilises hardware to achieve her goals. Bringing together light and sound by using fluorescent bulbs to make audio, Justka creates mesmerising and synesthetic sonic performances that offer a truly contemporary take on the modernist tradition of embracing technology to update experience.

Ewa Justka is a polish electronic noise artist, self-taught instruments builder and electronics teacher based in London. She performs regularly in London and across Europe

Dispersed Are We

Dispersed Are We is the title of a new four-channel audio installation created by curator Hope Wolf. The piece takes up the physical and conceptual centre of the exhibition around which this live event revolves. The installation weaves together examples of text, voice and music and offers the opportunity to make new connections between the variety of artistic outputs contained under the banner ‘Sussex Modernism’.

Dear Serge has asked leading experimental Sussex musicians to take the sound files used in the installation and to process them in any way they please. From this call-out, the artist selected is Daniel W J Mackenzie.

Daniel W J Mackenzie

Daniel W J Mackenzie

Daniel W J Mackenzie produces works of noise, drone and conceptual composition under his given name and the more studio focused project Ekca Liena and is an active performance collaborator in numerous groups. His artistic studies of sound through installations and academically driven experiments have developed alongside released albums of composed work. He has appeared internationally, exhibiting sculpture, multi-channel tone work and sound collage, and explores various approaches to performance. In April 2014 Daniel’s four channel piano study Kemi (For Piano Four Ways) was exhibited as a solo show in Helsinki. This work explored the potentials and limitations of the piano as a ‘response to the notion of listening’ and was presented in the quietude of the Vuorikaiku sound gallery. Daniel is increasingly influenced by the globalisation of sound and the role it plays in forging connections, sharing environments and transporting listeners. His activities and curation – which spans music, sound, sound art and film – reflect this approach.