• Laetitia Yhap, Dark Shed with M, 1985-1986, Oil on board. Image courtesy the Artist and Hales London and New York. Copyright Laetitia Yhap.

DLWP warmly invite you to join us on Saturday 6 April to celebrate the opening of our new exhibition:

Laetitia Yhap: An Ending to a Beginning


11am: Words from Joseph Constable, DLWP Head of Exhibitions

11.30am – 1pm: Drinks in the Rooftop Foyer

Everyone is welcome! RSVP here.


Laetitia Yhap (b. 1941, UK) is best known for intricate paintings of fishermen on The Stade Beach, Hastings, UK, created on unusually shaped panels individually hand-made by the artist for each work. Yhap moved to Hastings from London in 1967, and in 1974 began her cycle of work depicting raw glimpses into the lives of the fishing community, documenting daily scenes as they unfolded on the beach.