Join us for an assortment of imaginative activities celebrating the universal language of drawing! Facilitated by artists Sinéid Codd and Nancy Odufona.

Drawing is alive. We are drawing digitally, drawing with scissors, drawing with our hands, drawing with sticks, drawing with objects.

The Big Draw Festival raises the profile of drawing as a tool for wellbeing, thought, creativity, social and cultural engagement.


This event will run from 1pm to 5pm and is PAY WHAT YOU CAN

More about the Big Draw Festival HERE.


Breakdown of the day


Ground Floor Terrace:

Cursebreakers Fertile Ground

Anticipating Halloween and the Day of the Dead, join us in transforming the DLWP terrace into a vast ‘Cursebreakers Fertile Ground’ of vivid chalk drawings inspired by artist Alexi Marshall’s exhibition. Bring your magic: draw skulls and bones, flaming hearts and shimmering snakes, and your own personal symbols of love, life and hope for all of us and our planet.


Ground Floor Gallery:

Digital Selfie

Artist Sharif Persaud displays striking portraits and self-portraits in his exhibition, ‘Have You Ever Had’. Join us in in making your own colourful digital portraits, self-portraits and alter egos on a DLWP tablet, and share your work in our online gallery.


Ground Floor Learning Space:

Potent Papercuts     

Draw with scissors and paper to make a colourful multilayered small-scale collage of spell working wonder, based around artist Alexi Marshall’s work.

A Face with a Place

In his film, ‘The Mask’, artist Sharif Persaud wears a mask of Al Murray as he moves through the local landscape. We invite you to make colourful pencil drawings of real and imaginary places you love on a cardboard mask.

Magic Badges

Design, draw, colour and wear your personal magic badge, adopting some ideas from artist Alexi Marshall’s exhibition.


Rooftop Foyer:

Making Waves

Join in the fun of making a collaborative floor installation that responds to Helen Cann’s wonderful wall work, ‘A Map Of The Sea & The De La Warr Pavilion’. Draw with scissors and tearing actions to make paper waves to add to the ever expanding paper sea. Photographs will be taken throughout the day and made into a stop frame animation to view online.


Lead Artists: Sinéid Codd and Nancy Odufona

with the Blueprint Collective