A Day In The Life of the Director of De La Warr Pavilion

Talent Accelerator was able to provide 2 young people with opportunity to Shadow Stewart Drew for a day in order to find out what a day in the life of an Art Director is like. Mimi and Emily got the chance to come into the De La Warr Pavilion and Learn about Stewarts role as Director and Chief Executive!

They took part in discussions with Stewart and sat in on Meetings, whilst also finding out about other roles at the De La Warr Pavilion.

Eastbourne Alive-Year 9 Turner Prize exhibition visits

As part of Eastbourne ALIVE’s Youth Voice programme, Towner is leading an ambitious programme of bespoke school visits with Year 9, Special Educational Need (SEN) and home-educated and college students in the region. The young people will be supported to meaningfully engage with contemporary art through Turner Prize 2023 at Towner and Eastbourne ALIVE’s programme of public art and events across the town.
Working with the Coastal Schools Partnership, over 3,500 students have been invited to visit Towner on Mondays when the gallery is closed to the public. Facilitated by Towner’s Learning and Front of House teams with student volunteers from the University of Sussex, each student will be given a copy of Give it Some Oomph! a resource designed by and for Year 9 students from The Turing School, The Nibble Bibble Duck Toes collective with artist Richard Phoenix. Groups will also receive insight and guidance into creative careers through our partnership with Talent Accelerator.
This resource provides a useful toolkit and insights into how we can engage with contemporary art. It includes activities, a playlist and a video made by the group as well as exploring historical contexts, how we take ownership of a space and what we bring to an artwork and the spaces we encounter it.
These visits will be supplemented by additional, in-school artist-led workshops. Artists will share their practice and responses through themes explored in Give it Some Oomph!, this year’s Turner Prize artists and conversations with the young people.
Artist Facilitators: Hermione Allsopp, Sam Ayres, Sineid Codd, Tom Goulden, Ella Hempsted, Annis Joslin, Bill Leslie, Amy Leung, Daniel Locke, Christopher Sacre and Esther Springett
This project is supported and funded by Eastbourne ALIVE as part of the Eastbourne-wide Youth Voice programme.


Rother Young Creatives Christmas Market

Rother Young Creators and Talent Accelerator worked together to create a unique opportunity for young people in Rother be part of a collective running a local makers market. We offered young creators the opportunity to hold a stall at a Christmas Market held at the De La Warr Pavilion on 2nd December 2023. In a workshop run before the event by James Thomas Creative Brand Consultant the young people learnt how best to present your products, ideas for social media posts and how to ensure that you have enough stock. This was a pilot, and we hope to see the Rother Young Creators in the future for another maker’s market.

Behind the scenes at The De La Warr Pavilion – A creative Industry experience for young people.

On 6th July Talent Accelerator and the Young Promotors programme presented an immersive event open to all young people across East Sussex. Attendees heard from influential promoters, experienced technicians, and talented marketeers who have made their mark on the UK and further afield arts scene. There were plenty of insights, stories, sharing of experiences and time for questions. All of this took place on the iconic De La Warr stage which has hosted so many famous names!


First steps in to working professionally with sound at music events

On Monday 13th November, kicking off Discover Creative Careers week, Talent Accelerator and the Young Promotors Programme presented an insight into industry talk giving young people the chance to learn first-hand the skills needed to take their first steps into earning money through working at local music events. We were joined by Eastbourne Music Collective (EMC) talking about the services and events they offer, as well as the skill sets, they are looking for in an expanding workforce providing sound people and equipment for small gigs.

Everyone who attended then be had the chance to observe and get hands on by running a soundcheck with a local band supported by music technician professionals.


Wizard of Oz Youth Project August 2023

Talent Accelerator supported the White Rock, Hastings, Summer Youth Project delivering a session to parents on how to support young people into creative careers, sponsoring an audition support session, funding a place for a young person for the week and buying tickets to be given to local food banks so that everyone could see the final performance.

SEIZE THE DAY | 10.07.2023

Talent Accelerator brought together students from Cavendish and Willingdon schools in Eastbourne to give them the opportunity to showcase their performing talents on the Congress stage and explore their possibilities for future careers in the Creative Industries.

We kicked off the day with a Creative Careers workshop identifying the key skills needed in creative jobs, what jobs are available, identifying opportunities and using facts to dispel the myths that young people are told about in the instability of working as a creative. This was followed up by singing rehearsals lead by Natalie Roberts, Performing Arts Co-ordinator at Cavendish school, getting everyone ready for their rehearsals for the evening performance. In the afternoon everyone was able to meet three fabulous creative industries professionals all from East Sussex who explained their experiences and took questions. Elie Haffenden told us all about her work at DSM on Six the Musical, Rachelle Diedericks told us about her life as an actor who has worked on The Take That musical, The Band, Our Generation and The Crucible with the National Theatre and Thomas Hopkins who owns and operates TPH and Ginger Quiff Media about his career producing theatre in a wide variety of theatres both in the UK and US. In the evening we welcome friends and families to join us to watch a performance including two wonderful choral pieces which included all of the children and young people from both schools.

If your school/college would like to work on a creative careers event with Talent Accelerator in 2023/2023 please get in touch.

Assemblies and Workshops September 2022-July 2023

Across East Sussex during the academic year Talent Accelerator has been busy delivering assemblies and workshops to children and young people about careers in the thriving Creative Industries in the UK. We have worked with year 2 all the way through to year 13 and have encountered so many wonderfully creative children and young people.

Re-designing Work Experience- Newhaven Young Creative June & July 2023

Talent Accelerator organised a work experience opportunity in collaboration with Haven Young Creatives for young people from Newhaven, Peacehaven and Seaford. These two one-week work experience placements for students from Peacehaven Community School, Seahaven Academy, Seaford Head Sixth Form and East Sussex College Lewes set up as a film production company. They story boarded their ideas, created music and lyrics, directed, acted and filmed the whole thing.  You can watch their films below.


Re-designing Work Experience-Saxon Mount School June 2023

Talent Accelerator invited six year 10 students from Saxon Mount School for their work experience to come to the De La Warr Pavilion as consultants on how to make the building more Neurodivergent friendly. They spent the week exploring the space and giving feedback on improvements they would like to see. It was a great week involving loads of laughter and sticky tape!


Re-designing Work Experience-East Sussex College May 2023

Talent Accelerator ran a small design studio with East Sussex College students to develop an online platform to match young people to work placement and volunteer opportunities offered by creative businesses and organisations across East Sussex. The young people on placement identified businesses and organisations across the creative industries, mapped them, made contact with them to identify opportunities and populated the platform. This is the first iteration of an online platform which Talent Accelerator is developing to support young people into creative careers through meaningful work experience.

Talent Accelerator presents ESCG Creative Arts End of Year Creative Showcase 22.05.2023

Talent Accelerator celebrated the work of the East Sussex College Group’s creative students from the Lewes and Eastbourne campuses putting a spotlight on work from Music, Music Production, Fashion, Art & Design, and Performing Arts students.

The evening’s showcase included live performances from the Performing Arts and Music Students plus exhibitions by the Art & Design, and Music Production students.

It was a wonderful celebration of the amazing young creative talent we have in East Sussex!


Bexhill Jobs and Apprenticeship Fair 10.03.2023

The Bexhill Jobs and Apprenticeship Fair has its own own Creative Industries Zone organised by Talent Accelerator filled with creative businesses and organisations wanted to speak to local young creative talent. Talent Accelerator lead a workshop on the day to help people identify their first steps into a creative career.

Image Credit: Bexhill Jobs & Apprenticeships Fair, 2023,  © Lineker Photography

Game Design & Development Event 07.03.2023

Talent Accelerator ran a 1/2 day workshop for DV8 students about starting a career in the Creative Industries. We were joined by industry professionals Ed Frith, Live Programmer at the at DLWP, and Sam Watts, HTC Vive – Content Partnerships Lead, to talk to the students about their roles and their career journey, followed by a Q&A session.

Are the creative industries for you? Workshop 08.02.2023

Talent Accelerator delivered a free 1/2 day workshop session for 16-25 year olds interested in a career in the creative industries. This included an overview of the creative industries, a tour of the pavilion, Q & A with employees from different departments and planning your next steps.

Bexhill After Dark: Beach Beacon 28.01.2023

The lightbox of shifting colour from 2022’s event, co-created by De La Warr Pavilion in collaboration with Talent Accelerator evolved into an interactive experience! You were able to play the De La Warr Pavilion making the light panels turn off and on at the switch of a button We were joined by dancers from St Richards and Robertsbridge schools, accompanied by sound tracks from musicians from East Sussex College Eastbourne and helped by the Blueprint Collective to dress the machine to make the Beach Beacon come alive.

Growing your own creative business 28.11.2022

Talent Accelerator and University of Brighton presented an evening of accelerator techniques and opportunities to help creative businesses identify ways to grow  in the current difficult economic climate, including speakers from a variety of organisations offering bespoke support including ways to fund growth, how to find your creative community and adding young people to your workforce.

Logo Development Project September-October 2022

We had working sessions with students from St Richards School, Bexhill High, and East Sussex College Group Eastbourne across September  and October 2022 to find out what Talent Accelerator meant to them and from there, the common themes and design ideas. This was worked up by a local young designer, Jem Lewis, who came up with our final design incorporating the themes and ideas from the work of the young creatives.



Since we launched the Talent Accelerator programme last autumn, we have engaged with students and young people as well as employees about the creative industries, careers, and opportunities in our region. We’ve given talks in assemblies, invited students to discuss creative careers onsite at cultural venues, and spoken with educators to raise the profile of the creative industries in the region. It was now time to find an identity that reflected that.

In the spirit of the programme, we’ve been working with an early career local designer Jem Lewis to help develop a look and feel for Talent Accelerator.  It was important that we found an identity for the programme which reflected the values and intention of the programme so we teamed up with young people from the region to help us shape how a logo for the programme may look.

We had working sessions with young people and students from St Richards School, Bexhill High, and East Sussex College Group Eastbourne to find out what Talent Accelerator meant to them and from there, the common themes and design ideas were worked up by Jem.  The brief was complex, with over 100 contributors and we are delighted with the result and the collaborative design process.  We are pleased to launch our Talent Accelerator logo with the supporting strapline: Supporting young people in East Sussex into creative careers.


Work experience is a great way to help young people get a better understanding of the world of work as well as developing self-confidence, emotional development and even boosting academic outcomes. Unfortunately, in recent years the number of placements available has declined with a research report by Speakers for Schools finding less than half of young people in England are receiving work experience today. In the Creative Industries in East Sussex this a particular problem with many being micro businesses who struggle to accommodate a young person for work experience.

Talent Accelerator has been busy looking at ways to address this and has delivered a range of placements for young people .

12-16th June and 3rd-7th July in collaboration with Haven Young Creatives working with young people from Peacehaven Community School, East Sussex College, Seahaven School and Seaford Head Sixth Form we formed two film production companies. Each company devised, wrote dialogue, created soundtracks, performed and filmed a short film. The whole experience took place at the East Sussex College new Newhaven campus building which is opening in September. We are looking forward to the premiere event planned for September where we will showcase these wonderful films centred around the theme Open Doors and Closing Doors.

5th-9th June students from Saxon Mount School came to the De La Warr Pavilion to work with Talent Accelerator’s apprentice Mehrin Miah on exploring the experience of the building as a neuro diverse person. The students looked at areas of the building that they would change to make it more accessible and created some amazing designs/protypes for decoration and installations.

17th-31st May students from East Sussex College worked on developing a prototype for an online resource that maps all of the creative business/cultural organisations across East Sussex as well as identifying opportunities that they offer that could be useful work experience for students aged 19-19 looking to boost their CV.


If you are interested in looking at work experience differently, please get in touch as we start to plan for the academic year 2023/2024. Contact kim.byford@dlwp.com