The work for our two new exhibitions is just starting to be installed and they’re both going to look fantastic!

Modern Times: responding to chaos is selected by film-maker, painter and curator Lutz Becker. His exhibition will comprise drawings, prints and experimental films, and will explore the recurring tension between figuration and abstraction throughout the 20th century and the ways by which ideas and concepts evolve. Presented non-chronologically, it will encompass movements such as Russian Constructivism, Futurism and Vorticism, Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism, and comprise works by key artists, as well as works of artists who have been sidelined in the mainstream of art history. From Malevich and El Lissitky to Flavin and Judd, from Grosz and Dix to Pollock, Michaux and Kounellis, Becker anticipates two major strands of drawing emerging – the geometric and the gestural. The exhibition will also include films by Hans Richter, Fernand Léger and Viking Eggeling.

Tony Bevan is one of the most important painters working in Britain today. For his new painting installation at the De La Warr Pavilion Bevan has produced three colossal works specifically for Gallery 2. Inspired by his recent travels to China, in particular his experience of the Giant Buddah of Leshan, and his ongoing interest in the ‘character heads’ of the 18th century German-Austrian sculptor Fraz Xaver Messerschmidt, the new paintings continue Bevan’s exploration of self-portraiture.

Both exhibitions open on 3 April until 13 June.

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Posted by Ryan Coleman on Monday 29 March 2010