We welcome children and their families to enjoy the arts and have fun trying new creative experiences.

We regularly host family-friendly tours, events and creative workshops to encourage open-ended experimentation and introduce creative skills and techniques. Please explore some of these activities in the menus below.

We adhere to the Family Arts Standards developed by The Family Arts Campaign and the Family & Childcare Trust, and we are signed up to the Kids in Museums Manifesto. You can download the Manifesto here.

Upcoming events for families & children

BLODS present:

School of Rock

The Musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Thursday 3 August –
Sunday 6 August

From £11.50Book


These family orientated workshops are creative making sessions that explore ideas and themes from our current exhibitions. Art Sundays, facilitated by local artists, are different and engaging making for a fun afternoon of learning and creativity! Open to all ages.

Art Sundays

Sunday 21 May –
Sunday 5 November


Follow Your Nose

Follow Your Nose is a webapp created by artist Sam Ayre that you can use in our galleries. A random sequence of questions and statements will appear which will prompt you to trust your own feelings rather than  being influenced by other people’s opinions and perspectives.

Open the app, choose something in the exhibitions to look at and respond to as many questions and statements as you like. Follow your nose and see where your instincts take you!

The questions and statements are in English, Spanish, French, Turkish and Arabic.

Open the web app here

Play Circle

Watch all our Play Circle films here, with artists and educators Kevin Graal and Anne Colvin