Our first fanzine workshop took place on the 2nd March which proved popular with visitors to Shaun Gladwell’s exhibition. Participants got the chance to experiment with various DIY design techniques including collage, stencil lettering, rubber stamps, hand-lettering and drawing in an informal atmosphere with a view of the Mini Ramp Intersection installed on the roof terrace. The challenge was taken up by both adults and children with some very creative results.




Shaun Gladwell is fascinated with subculture and mythology in varied forms such as skateboarding extreme sports and cult movies. The zine workshop is intended to be a springboard to celebrate your own culture, passions and obsessions through art and design. The sessions take place right through to June guided by local designer and street art advocate Tristan Manco who is the author of a number of books that celebrate DIY art including Stencil Graffiti and Street Sketchbook.


The next session falls on the Easter Saturday March 30th – please feel free to come and join us!

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Friday 29 March 2013