Saturday 11th of September was my final time in the gallery and though I didn’t manage to rid myself of all the wrapped items from my studio, I did have a sense that I will find it easier to discard things in the future. One visitor said today that he felt Tomoko expressed for him the human need for order. He suggested that we define ourselves by even our basic possessions; they anchor us in some way. When talking about de-cluttering, Anna described the journey from the cupboard to the charity shop as “a difficult terrain”. Sarah and Hugh each took a package but while Sarah was keen to find out immediately what lay inside, Hugh was more interested in what he imagined the object to be. He told me he will probably never open it. I like that he intends to keep it on his mantelpiece unopened, using his imagination to turn my junk into his treasure.

Many thanks to everyone who took part in playing games and sharing ideas during the exhibition.

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Tuesday 14 September 2010