Collectors’ Corner, 2.30pm

Geoff Dudman – Oriental Rugs and Carpets

If you’re looking for something interesting and a bit different to do this weekend, why not come along to the Pavilion on Sunday to the first in a series of free Collectors’ Corner events? Designed to complement the current Tomoko Takahashi exhibition in which disregarded and seemingly inert objects are reappropriated into illuminating artworks, these events invite the general public to bring their weird and wonderful collections into the Gallery.
This sunday join Geoff Dudman as he shares his fascinating collection of Oriental rugs and carpets. Geoff specialises in tribal rugs produced during the late 19th and first half of the 20th centuries.

“Although there are a large number of tribes (or collection of social groups) spread across the middle east from Turkey in the west, through Iran to Turkmenistan and Afghanistan in the east I have concentrated on those produced by the Baluchi in north east Iran and the Turkoman of southern Turkmenistan. I especially like the formalised abstraction in their weavings and subtle colour combinations which local vegetable dyes give to earlier pieces. Many of the examples I will be bringing to the Pavilion will be bags, a useful reminder that these were nomadic tribes and all their possessions had to be ‘bagged up’ and loaded onto a camel or mule when the group moved to the next grazing area. I hope you can feel the thrill as I can from seeing such vibrant and exciting works of art produced mainly on very basic looms simply framed up on the ground at each grazing halt.”


Posted by Ryan Coleman on Wednesday 14 July 2010