It was my final day as a member of the interaction team with De La Warr Pavilion and the penultimate day of the Yass exhibition. It was also the last weekend of the summer holidays. So there was a sense of things coming to a close, with many visitors, as well as myself, in a thoughtful, reflective mood. As result the afternoon was punctuated with conversations about the palpable sense of transition, looking out across the water as the clouds blew in and out. The Pavilion felt like a lookout post, for ideas as well as the weather. Our transparent, floating images, wafting in the air in the stairwell seemed very appropriate to the moment.

Quite of a number of conversations over the worktables revolved around the surprise and pleasure at being permitted/encouraged to make artwork in an art gallery. Many galleries provide opportunities for children to engage with their exhibitions, but far fewer recognise that adults of all ages take delight in and gain enormously from being invited into making creative responses to what they are seeing. This highly inclusive aspect of the gallery interactions has been one of my greatest pleasures during my year working with the Pavilion.

As usual, there were so many lovely people, making lovely work and enjoying a chat over the scissors and glue.

Thanks to Callum for his excellent assistance running the interaction and thanks to all my participants, for this day, and all the other days over the last year.

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Sunday 11 September 2011