Follow Your Nose  is a new digital tool that you can use in the gallery, developed as part of England’s Creative Coast’s Local Engagement Programme.

In April/May this year, fifteen members of the DLWP team, across all departments, took  an online Level 1 course in Philosophy for Children, Colleges and Communities (P4C), designed to  support staff, freelance artists and volunteers to develop capabilities, encourage cooperation and initiative, and revive motivation and team spirit.

Using the DLWP building and Invertebrate as a stimuli, this non-hierarchical model of a community of inquiry enhanced thinking and communication skills and  enabled the team to come together to consider shared values and diverse experiences and perspectives. The P4C model encourages taking turns at expressing opinions, putting forth arguments and counter arguments, constructing criteria, and building on each other’s ideas with the aim of coming to a settlement.

Our philosophical inquiries and the questions generated by Sam Ayre in online sessions with All Saints School and the 3rd Bexhill Scout Unit have informed the new digital resource Follow Your Nose. Comprised of over 100 open questions and statements in English, Spanish, French, Turkish and Arabic, this tool is designed for all visitors to use in the galleries (and in relation to Invertebrate) and will be used for the next year of exhibitions programmes.

Follow Your Nose is a webapp created by artist Sam Ayre that you can use in our galleries. A random sequence of questions and statements will appear which will prompt you to trust your own feelings rather than  being influenced by other people’s opinions and perspectives.

Open the app, choose something in the exhibitions to look at and respond to as many questions and statements as you like. Follow your nose and see where your instincts take you!

The questions and statements are in English, Spanish, French, Turkish and Arabic.

Open the web app here


Ashley McCormick

Head of Learning and Participation


Posted by sally on Friday 28 May 2021