Thank you to all who wanted to take part in the interaction with Guy Sherwin’s short film, “Portrait of Parents” 1975.  As per my previous post, this is a 3 and a half minute film looking at the idea of portraiture through the moving image.  The participants were asked to engage with the film, which features Guy Sherwin -seen in as a reflection in the mirror- filming his parents.   We discussed the relationships between the son and his parents and their ‘performance’ for the camera.  We discovered that the viewers relationship with the film is substantially changed when also filmed and this added an additional dimension, becoming part of or extending the performance and the narrative.

There were many students visiting this week as next weekend will be the last chance to see the exhibition!  If you haven’t already seen this brilliant show, “Moving Portraits”, I highly recommend that you do.  Well worth the effort, especially to catch the film “Bernadette” by Duncan Campbell….a must see!

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Tuesday 22 March 2011