Gormley Limited Edition

The Pavilion sends its heartfelt congratulations to honorary patron Antony Gormley who has been awarded a Knighthood in the Queen’s Honours List. Antony is an artist of the people and, as such, a great supporter of this building. He gave us Critical Mass, our first rooftop exhibition, paving the way for Richard Wilson, Matt Calderwood and Shaun Gladwell to be inspired by the rooftop and make it, as the Guardian said “one of the most exciting art spaces in Britain”.

In January 2010, Gormley paid a visit to the Pavilion and was struck by the vast flat roof as a perfect space for his installation of 60 full sized iron sculptures.

He said,

“This is the return of the lost subject to the site of Modernism. It is great to have a chance to test this piece of sculpture against the clarity of Mendelsohn and Chemayeff’s English masterpiece. I am excited to see these dark forms in the elements against the sea and in direct light. It will be like a sky burial. How these masses act in space is very important. The challenge is to make the distance intimate, internal.”

Critical Mass is made up of five casts from 12 discrete moulds of Gormley’s body, developing from a low crouching position to squatting, sitting, kneeling and standing – an ascent of man ranging through the complex syntax of the body. The exhibition, which opened in June 2010 attracted national press coverage for Bexhill, sponsorship of a London Underground poster campaign by Tourism South East and over 60,000 visitors that summer.

The artist also produced 80 Limited Edition prints, Standing Matter (2010)*, 60 of which he donated to the Pavilion to help raise funds to support our artistic programme (see above). There are two very special editions remaining, an Artist’s Proof and Edition 1 . Price on application to Vanda Curtis on 01424 229118 or vanda.curtis@dlwp.com.

Antony Gormley is one of the many patrons who support the Pavilion and its work. You can join Gormley, Eddie Izzard and many more to become a Patron, where you will receive the following fantastic benefits:

•Exclusive Curator Tour for each exhibition
•Invitation to dinner events
•VIP Invitation to Private Views with the curator and meet the artist
•Direct notification of events/personal booking and priority seats
•Invites to member’s special events
•Building tour with a members of the Trust
•Advanced notification of limited edition prints
•Acknowledgement on website (optional) and on name plaque in foyer (optional)
•10% discount in DLWP shop

For more information on this and other to support us, please contact Vanda Curtis on 01424 229118 or vanda.curtis@dlwp.com

*Antony Gormley Standing Matter (2010)
Etching on Fabriano Tiepolo 28gms
Paper Size 57 x 76 cm
Image Size 31.5 cm x 49.5 cm
Edition of 80

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Thursday 2 January 2014