Following rules and systems to produce unexpected results is such an important element of current exhibiting artist Tomoko Takahashi’s practice, it is therefore not surprising that she has a love for playing games.

Takahashi and artist Ella Gibbs will be reprising her participatory Hours of Patience event first seen at the Belt Space Inbetween in 1999.
This is an entire day devoted to the organised playing of the card game Patience with instructors to help you and a free booklet containing over 300 games designed and illustrated by the artist herself.
Anyone is welcome to come along and play Patience for as long as they wish. The player who plays for the longest period of time, uninterrupted, receives a special prize!

The event is totally free of charge and will be a fun, absorbing and totally addictive alternative activity to football fever!

To find out more about Tomoko Takhashi’s amazing exhibition click here
Posted by Ryan Coleman on Tuesday 6 July 2010