Better late than never. Sorry for the delay in posting chaps. The interaction day on the 30th October perhaps could have run a little more smoothly. I was planning to do a tour for this session with some interaction projects for the wee ones, but we were slightly hijacked by a Walk & Talk with curators Celia Davies from Photoworks and the De La Warr’s Jane Won. The gallery was extremely busy and their tour was brilliant. For my next session on the 11th December I promise I will factor a discussion and tour for those that felt they missed out. Any how, we had another fun afternoon with lots to think about. The brief I set was slightly different from my previous one, looking at objects and scenes that evoked a personal memory and then reflecting on that through drawing and text. This was instinctive for some and harder for others. It was interesting to observe how diverse and disparate the viewing process is. Connecting images to your own experience is not familiar to everyone and is by no means a guarantee of a good gallery experience either! Some felt it irrelevant and a distraction and others were inspired by the new insight. One lady wrote 3 pages of her own memory of her first visit to Sri Lanka which was connected to a photograph by Walker Evans. I particularly liked the story from a boy who found a snake skin in the corner of a shower in Australia. This memory was evoked by William Eggleston’s image of a trailer park in 1974. Well done to all who participated. Fascinating.

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Monday 8 November 2010