Rachel Marsh, writer and gallery assistant at DLWP, has written a fantastic poem titled ‘Labyrinth’ inspired by Hélio Oiticica: Waiting for the internal sun, which is on display in our Ground and First floor galleries until Sunday 14 January.

Read Rachel’s poem below:


Negotiate the labyrinths twists and turns.
White screens sparkle. Blue light burns.

Algorithms grow like twisting vines
from pits of data. Anxiety climbs.

Pages and tabs line the labyrinth walls,
we struggle to silence their chimes and calls.

No way to switch off the noise of the news,
we listen to torrents of global views.

Earthquakes, war zones, floods and drought,
music, celebrities, we cannot miss out.

The screens divide and multiply,
we look, we laugh, we love, we cry.

Searching to find all those hidden delights,
the treats and rewards hidden just out of sight.

A promise, a cure, cute adverts, a bribe,
we Click, we Follow, we Like and Subscribe.

But beware of where your footsteps tread!
There are no danger signs in red.

Cupcakes, puppies, kittens, we scroll
past holidays, jewellery, scammers, trolls.

The hours pass, time drips away…
tempting breadcrumbs line my way.

Confusion swirls. What is real? What is fake?
In endless news, gossip, arguments, debates.

Negotiate the labyrinths turns and twists.
White screens hum. Blue light persists.

Rachel also writes personalised poems that could be given as a unique gift to a special someone, to honour a beloved pet, or a poem that can be read for a special occasion. Please contact her at rmarsh.writer@gmail.com or DM on social media to discuss.

Posted by Luke on Friday 8 December 2023