There was a sense that the summer was finally fading but we were lucky enough to have a fabulously sunny afternoon on the terrace for this final Interactive session of skipping, hopping and balancing. Inspired by the concentration required to hone and perfect athletic skills (as well as other all-consuming activities) and get ‘in the zone’ these interactive sessions have provided all generations the opportunity to either learn something new, improve an existing passion or travel back in time to a childhood pastime.

We decided to tape a Hopscotch onto the terrace, and although it was very popular, it was surprising that lots of children didn’t know how to play the game of hopscotch ! Some of us older players could remember a few faded rules and we muddled through a kind of De La Warr Hopscotch version ! Skipping continued to be fun for all ages – like riding a bike, it is something that you never forget and after hesitant starts lots of people found they could skip happily and skilfully, while others spent some time trying to master the necessary arm-rope-jumping co-ordination ! Thanks to all who gamely took part and to inventive and able volunteer Louise !

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Friday 21 September 2012