At last a sunny day …. an almost spring like day …..and the dlwp, full of light and warmth, hinted that winter might be on its way out ! After a quiet start the afternoon suddenly took off around 2pm and we were really busy gluing and sticking, drawing, talking about Shaun Gladwell and his passions, looking at motorbike magazines and constructing superhuman and bionic beings using collage and plasticene. Some children took up the opportunity to create a self portrait whilst making funny sounds and others were happy to squeeze and shape, flatten and chop up plasticene adding beads and buttons to great effect.HPIM1443 HPIM1445 HPIM1449 HPIM1450 HPIM1453 HPIM1454 HPIM1455 HPIM1457 HPIM1459 HPIM1460 HPIM1462 HPIM1463 HPIM1464 HPIM1468 HPIM1469 HPIM1471 HPIM1473 HPIM1477 HPIM1478 HPIM1479 HPIM1480 HPIM1482

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Monday 8 April 2013